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DHA Activity

The DHA has been busy working on your behalf. You may have noticed:

  • The Dunwoody street sign toppers and (hopefully) increased community pride
  • Regular lawn maintenance for intersections and islands not yet “adopted”
  • The 30,000 spectator, 2,500 participant 4th of July Parade (the largest Independence Day Parade in Georgia)
  • The Light-Up Dunwoody holiday event
  • The Brook Run Conservancy, a non-profit focused on supporting the park and its amenities (its initial capital was provided by DHA)
  • The alluring Children’s Adventure Garden at Brook Run Park
  • Community-wide sidewalk improvements, extensions, and ramp additions
  • Smart growth redevelopment resulting from successful negotiations with commercial developers (e.g.: SuperTarget plaza near Perimeter Mall)
  • An improved redevelopment mix favoring owner-occupied over rental units
  • Increasingly attractive commercial signage, especially near Dunwoody Village
  • Attractive architecture and rooflines of the new Peachtree Middle School
  • Quieter backyards from redirection of PDK airport flight traffic away from your homes
  • Dunwoody Food Truck Thursdays, in partnership with the City of Dunwoody