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October 2006 Meeting Minutes
Oct 1, 2006

1. Upon motion, the minutes of the September meeting were approved by the Board.

2. Dr. Kim Roberts addressed the Board and announced the opening of her new veterinary medicine practice in Dunwoody.

3. City of Dunwoody: Joe Divita and Tom Taylor announced that two community meetings have been scheduled at 4:30 p.m. on 11/12 (at DBC) and at 6:00 p.m. on 12/14 (at DUMC). Various revenue and tax studies should be completed by then, but are not currently available.

4. PCID Update: Bill Grossman reported that PCID has not taken a position on the possible formation of the City of Dunwoody and it does not expect to. Bill also informed PCID of the DHA’s concern over tree preservation within PCID. PCID acknowledged the concern and stated that it would only remove unhealthy trees as recommended by an arborist.

5. Peachtree-Dunwoody hotel site update: Bill Grossman reported that a 30-day deferral has been granted based on the need for a density calculation.

6. Head Property development: Bill Grant will be seeking a variance to cut seven specimen trees that located in the right-of-way of the development’s road. He has requested a letter from DHA stating that the Board does not oppose the variance. The Board agreed that a letter would be offered if Mr. Grant provided a site plan that could be attached and referenced in the letter.

7. Community Pride: Barbara Dodds reported that 25 more sign toppers have been installed but that none have been sponsored recently.

8. Light Up Dunwoody: Dick Williams reported that the festivities will be changed this year. There will not be a parade or a musical presentation at DUMC. Instead there will be a procession with Santa on a fire truck and youth musical performances staged at the Farmhouse. Joyce Amacher asked that the lighting contractor be instructed to be cautious around the Farmhouse’s new wooden gutters and delicate roof. Bob Lundsten suggested that DHA seek clarification from DPT as to which costs associated with Light Up Dunwoody would be divided between DHA and DPT.

9. Upon request by Bill Robinson, the Board voted to sponsor the Dunwoody Nature Center Garden Tour for $500.

10. Brook Run: Nick Nicodemus reported that the 501(c)(3) is still being finalized and that a 2.2 million dollar skate park contract had been approved by the county.

11. President Notes: Chip Franzoni welcomed Pam Tallmadge to the Board.

12. Upon motion, the Board approved spending approximately $8,000 for a 13,000 piece direct mail membership drive to be coordinated by Bob Lundsten.