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What We Do

Dunwoody Street Sign TopperThe purpose of the Dunwoody Homeowners Association is to promote the recreation, health, safety, welfare, benefit and enjoyment of the homeowners within the community. The Association strives to ensure that Dunwoody is preserved principally for high quality residential use.

We encourage and support the development and improvement of services and facilities required and necessary for the support of Dunwoody; we oppose the intrusion of forces and elements that are inimical to the perpetuation of the high standard and quality of life long associated with Dunwoody.

We maintain liaison with local government bodies and agencies in order to be alert and assist in courses of action that are beneficial to Dunwoody and its residents. Within the limits of our authority, we exercise vigilance in planning and development, zoning, streets and drainage, water and sewer, utility and other capital improvement matters so that the rights and interests of the majority of the residents of Dunwoody are sustained and supported.

The Dunwoody Homeowners Association includes all homes and condominiums situated in those parts of DeKalb and Fulton counties that are: North of I-285; East of Ga-400; South of the Chattahoochee River and West of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard.