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August 2005 Meeting Minutes
Aug 7, 2005

  • Zoning and Development
    • Anchors property- Mt Vernon & Jett Ferry (Old Mirimay Property)
      • Dr. Anchors and general contractor showed the DHA board drawings of the building for “Java U” store.
      • 2500 square foot retail, would sell coffee, etc.
      • Board concerns and questions included:
        • Building design was a brick warehouse, not in keeping with the Williamsburg character of the area.
        • What does the signage look like?
        • Ingress and egress location(s).
        • Board requested detailed site plan to include these and other elements discussed such as landscaping and fencing.
  • Variance: 4503 Sudbury Rd. E.- Dunwoody North
    • Gerri Penn of the DHA and Dunwoody North discussed variance application in her neighborhood.
  • BB&T sidewalk – Meeting scheduled with BB&T, new GC and Toolan Tuesday @ 2:30 p.m. to discuss overlay sidewalk situation.

  • Signature bank- Dunwoody Village Parkway- DeKalb Overlay
    • Don Boyken and Bill Grossman met and reviewed Signature's plans and pointed out infractions with current signage design.
  • Celeste Webb reported Logo is being redesigned to picture the front of the farmhouse.

  • Marcus Center would like surrounding neighbors to know it is holding a festival on 8-28-05 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Buses will be used to help control any parking issue.

  • Dave Greenspan, candidate for the Dunwoody District of Sandy Springs, spoke to the group.

  • It was reported Brook Run’s children’s playground should open in October 2005.