Candidate Forums

The Dunwoody Homeowners Association is the ideal host of candidate forums for local, state, and federal office.

As an organization, the DHA is non-partisan and apolitical.

Over the decades, the DHA has facillitated voter examination of candidates for: State Senate, the State House of Representatives, Congressional district, and, since 2008 when Dunwoody incorporated as a city, city council and mayor.

The traditional moderator is the sitting DHA president.  Occasionally a news editor has been invited to participate.  In the past the forums have been held at local swim/tennis clubs or at the Dunwoody High School auditorium.

Questions are collected from the public via an online form.  DHA exec board members coallate the questions for each race.  Candidates do not know the questions prior to the forum and they do not play a role in setting the format.