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January 2017 Meeting Minutes
Jan 29, 2017

  1. Introductions of candidates running for office: Karen Handle, Judd Hill, Ron Slotin
  2. DHA Introduction, what we do:
    1. Founded in 1970 to fight (and influence) development, preserve the single-family neighborhoods.
    2. Three Main activities:
      1. Work with developers, the city and others to influence development,
      2. Produce events like 4th of July Parade, Light up Dunwoody and Food Truck Thursdays,
      3. Be Dunwoody’s “Community Chest” through grants to schools and non-profits.
  3. Year in review
    1. Finances good
    2. LUD new lights, GA Power meter
    3. DHA Members – City Committees
    4. Positions on Developments
      1. Dunwoody Village
      2. Crown Development old Goldkist site
        1. Trade Office towers for condos and mix condos and rental apts
        2. DHA got concessions
          1. Increase Owner vs Rental %
          2. New park
        3. Developer Withdrew
    5. Parade, LUD,
      1. Nina = New LUD
    6. Food Truck events
    7. Looking forward to 2017:
      1. Candidate Forums
        1. Price’s seat
        2. Oct Dunwoody City Council
      2. Traffic island Adopt a Spot Winters Chapel
      3. Ask board to increase donations to the community
      4. Dunwoody Village Overlay – Take a new look
        1. Review codes, update if needed
  4. Judge Panos waning of a new scam:
    1. Miss jury duty, get a call from ‘Sherriff’s office’
    2. They ask for $250 over the phone
    3. Don’t answer the phone with ‘Yes’
  5. Elected officials recognized:
    1. City of Dunwoody elected officials: John, Lynn, Terri, Denny, Pam and Doug recognized.
    2. DeKalb County elected officials: Nancy Jester recognized
    3. School Board elected officials: Stan Jester recognized
    4. State Legislature: Tom Taylor and Fran Millar recognized
  6. Speaker Chris Car – Attorney General of GA provided an overview of his office
  7. Nancy Jester update provided an update on County budget process
  8. Tom Taylor Provided an overview of state legislative activity
  9. Business of the Year awarded to Dr. Douglas Morgan of Dunwoody Animal Hospital
  10. Lifetime achievement Award Dick Williams publisher of The Dunwoody Crier
  11. Tina Wilkinson – Co-op buying solar panels for residents at discounted bulk prices, trying to establish a Solorize Dunwoody Co-op.
  12. GLASS Provided an update on fight for municipal school system bill and constitutional amendment.
  13. DHA Board Elections –
    1. Erica Harris to fill out Greg’s last year
    2. Gerri Penn and Kerry de Vallette new officers
  14. Pam Talmadge announced 4th Of July Theme and grand marshal:
    1. Parade Theme – A small town in a Big City
    2. Grand Marshal – Allan Mothner