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July 2005 Meeting Minutes
Jul 10, 2005

    • Zoning and Development
      • Southeast Capital Partners: Demolition of old Bell South office behind PF Chang and adjacent to Sembler property
        • Developer showed the Board drawings of the buildings
        • Two and three bedroom townhouses at $250K to $400K each
        • Traffic will be 1/5 the traffic if it remains O/I.
        • DeKalb County Planning is opposed but DHA supported
      • Ashford Dunwoody Road - Mt. Vernon intersection improvements
        • Review of current plan and presentation by Taylor Wright of PBSJ, DeKalb County’s hired engineer for the project.
        • Neighborhood representative for Dunwoody West expressed thanks for protecting their entranceway but still expressed concerns that the project was moving forward. Felt the “park” look of the triangle would be lost in the new design
        • DHA again has asked that the mast for the traffic lights be black even if the style is the same as the PCID area.
        • DHA has asked for pavers in the crosswalks; the response was no. DHA then suggested stamped concrete. DHA will review samples on websites.
      • Signature Bank Renovation - no-show.
      • Happy Hollow (Slyvanus Company) Zoned R-3, requesting four lots.
        • Previously approved for three.
        • DHA withheld action pending a detailed site plan and meetings with the impacted neighbors. The DHA expressed opposition to increasing to four houses.
      • Mt. Vernon/Peachtree Dunwoody Road Storage Facility
        • Near Peachtree Dunwoody Home Depot
        • Plans to develop a four story Williamsburg Storage facility; 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM access, 800 storage units.
        • Don Boyken expressed concern over the density of the project.
        • Bob Lundsten expressed concern over the set backs and site plan of the building.
        • Bill Grossman stated Fulton County has approved this design.
      • Spalding Stables
        • Eight lot subdivision adjacent to current 17 lots already built out
        • Development standards the same as Spalding Heights.
          • Adjacent homeowners expressed concerns over “Quality of Life” issues
          • Three story homes in their back yards
          • Location of detention pond, buffers and setbacks.
          • Run off
        • Don Boyken expressed concerns over the failure of the developer to honor commitments made on the first stage of the development.
        • Neighbors would support six lots or possibly same density as Spalding Heights.
        • Negotiations will continue.
    • Wulf Kuehmstedt showed the board three mockups for a DHA logo
        • It was decided these mockups would be e-mailed to the full board for a consensus vote.

    • Dave Greenspan who is running for the District 1 - Dunwoody seat of Sandy Springs introduced himself to attendees.

    • Bill Robinson and Nick Nicodemus announced they will retire as chairs of the Fourth of July parade and are actively interviewing potential replacements. A standing ovation was given them for their dedication to chairing this event over the last decade.
      • A plaque will be given to the Dunwoody Ace Home Place for continued support and dedication to the July Fourth parade.