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June 2005 Meeting Minutes
Jun 8, 2005

  • Zoning and Development
    • Southeast Capital Partners: Proposal to tear down old Bell office behind PF Chang’s and adjacent to Sembler property
      • 8 Acres, of O/I to be replaced by 190 town house units.
      • 2 and 3 bedrooms, $250K to $400K
      • Traditional design using same look at Sembler property.
      • Board moved and voted in favor of the concept but wanted to see detailed plans and architecture before final approval
    • South Trust Bank Property: Proposal to replace the old South Trust Bank site on Ashford Dunwoody Road in Perimeter with Jewelry Store. Mr. James Beak spoke for the applicant.
      • Applicant was seeking a letter of support for the project to aid in the purchase of the building.
      • In keeping with the DHA Board policy, no letter will be sent until an applicant provides full plans for a project
    • 8205 Jett Ferry Road, AG-1 to CUP:
      • Bill Grossman reported that the Fulton County Planning Board voted to defer 60 days.
    • Mt. Vernon/Ashford Dunwoody Road Intersection update:
      • Design Plan moving forward.
      • Looking for examples of crosswalks that can be substituted for the “white line” striping that the County is suggesting. County claims that GDOT is opposed to the use of any pavers.
      • Dan Weber and Fran Millar have been approached to use whatever influence they can with GDOT.
      • Don Boyken to organize a meeting with Bill Philips and Roy Ashley to discuss redesign and EDAW suggestions.
      • Bill was asked to get the new design represented to the DHA
    • Change to O/I code regarding apartments
      • Commissioner Boyer and Gannon have a meeting scheduled with the County Attorney to discuss the revision of the code the 3rd week of June.
    • Affordable Housing Proposal:
      • Dick Williams reported that he had a conversation with Commissioner Ellis where he stated the original report of “mandatory” inclusion of affordable housing was an error. The affordable housing idea would be discussed further and be pushed through incentives and voluntary.

  • DHA logo discussion:
      • Wolfe Kuehmstedt presented 10+ design ideas for the change for the DHA logo design.
      • Several questions and points were raised prior to the Boards review of the designs
        • Design for the letterhead or sign toppers?
        • Design for the DHA or the Dunwoody Community?
        • Design one that could be adopted for both
        • DHA members were asked to cast 3 votes for their top three choices. Results would be counted and returned at the next meeting. Design planning would continue from based on that results

  • July Fourth Parade on line registrations are going well

  • Brook Run Update: slightly behind schedule but progress is being made. One change includes an entrance on Peeler Road. Nick reported that the County is looking into the redesign of the North Peachtree Road/Peeler intersection for the possible addition of a light.