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May 2005 Meeting Minutes
May 21, 2005

  • Zoning and Development
    • 8205 Jett Ferry Road; 56 Acres: Currently zoned AG, wants to rezone to CUP
      • Acreage to be developed by John Wieland Homes for 57 lots. Lots will range from 18,000sq feet to an average of 30,000sq feet. There is strong neighborhood opposition and it is well organized.
      • Bill Grossman will take the lead as the liaison for the DHA since Don Boyken is not available due to new projects.
      • Moved that we should follow the development, follow the land use plan in Fulton, stay with DHA position of no gates, and landscaping of all fenced areas along public streets.
    • Sign Variance, Lincoln Properties Apartments @ Perimeter Center
      • Ellen Smith, attorney for Lincoln properties presented a request for a sign variance for the planned apartments located in Perimeter Center. The variance was to allow for the sign to protrude 4 feet out from the building rather then the permitted 2 feet allowed by the code. It was moved that the DHA would support the variance request if the sign met all the conditions of zoning placed on the entire project. Motion passed unanimously.
    • MJCCA Expansion
      • Nancy Echikson expressed concerns regarding the expansion of the Zaban Center that was reported in the Jewish Times article last month.
      • Bob Lundsten has had conversations with officials from Zaban and has been assured that the article was way off base. The primary concern of an amphitheater was not founded in fact.
      • DHA agreed to follow closely Nancy’s concerns regarding lighting, noise, and outside use of PA systems.
      • Bob Lundsten will contact Henry Stern to discuss.
    • Mount Vernon Place development;
      • Bob Fehskens has informed Bill Grossman that they are in the process of acquiring additional lots for the proposed development. The goal is to meet the requirements of the R100 district. Bill Grossman will continue to monitor the situation.
    • O-I Apartment code change.
      • Ken reported that the Commissioners and planning staff have begun work on revising the code, which would require a public hearing for any O-I property that was to be developed as apartments. Details will be available in approximately 60 days per Commissioner Boyer
  • Community Notes
      • Peachtree Middle School is ready for the redevelopment. BOE has approved all the money and contractor is ready to begin the work
      • Dr. Lewis, Superintendent of DeKalb County Schools will be meeting May 5 at GPC to discuss the over crowding at Vanderlyn.

  • Brook Run Update
      • Nick reported that the playground is on track and scheduled to open in September
      • Reported that an assessment of the Theater at Brook Run is due.

  • Sidewalks
    • Dennis Crean reported on the sidewalk developments in Dunwoody.
      • Working with Alan North of DeKalb County to determine additional needs for sidewalks in the area. Working with Mr. North, the DHA will be “ plugged in” as part of the planning.
      • Jett Ferry is the next target
      • DeKalb stated sidewalk priorities continue to be 1 mile around schools, connecting transportation points, and the DHA wish list
      • Dennis trying to get a meeting with Ted R to discuss department responsibility.
  • Presidents Updates
    • Flagstar Bank on Mt. Vernon will be redeveloped within the existing building and not as depicted on the photo on the sign. Building will meet all DeKalb County Codes
    • DeKalb County Sanitation has been notified about trash pick-ups at all Marta stops. They will begin picking up from those sites.

  • Code Enforcement
    • Alleged drug rehab house on Mt. Vernon Way has been vacated and is currently up for rent.
    • Eckerd on North Shallowford has taken down the roof sign, which is not allowed under the DeKalb County Code.

  • Marketing Update
    • It was moved and approved unanimously to fund $1,350 for the development of the DHA logo. Includes signs, logo and letterhead. Board will review 3-4 designs and vote on final.

  • 4th of July Parade
    • All registrations to be handled online via the DHA web site.
    • Confirmation will be sent and will include parade order for each participant.

  • PDK Discussion
    • Barbara Dodd discussed the current situation and the pending lawsuit regarding the “open records” request being made by Mickey Feltus and the PDK Watch group.
      • Much discussion was had over whether or not the DHA should get involved with these lawsuits. As a rule the DHA has not participated as a group or lent our name or financial assistance.
      • It was moved and seconded to approve $500 to reimburse Barbara Dodds for the Williams Aviation Study.
    • Additional Motions
      • It was moved and seconded that the DHA will again “underwrite” the Light Up Dunwoody event. The amount should not exceed $4,000. The full amount of the event is projected to be covered by sponsor donations.