1. Welcome
DHA President Ken Wright welcomed a capacity crowd in Fellowship Hall of Dunwoody United Methodist Church.

2. Introduce Invited Guests
State House Representative Fran Millar recognized invited guests including Mayor Eva Galambos, Senator Dan Weber, House Representative Jill Chambers, CEO Vernon Jones, Superintendent Dr. Crawford Lewis, Chief of Police Louis Graham, County Commissioners Elaine Boyer and Kathie Gannon, Council Members Dave Greenspan and Ashley Jenkins, and others.

3. City of Sandy Springs
Mayor Eva Galambos reports that expectations of the new City of Sandy Springs are generally being met. Many ordinances have been passed. A 6-month budget has been adopted. Public property negotiations are underway. An initiative for improved police service is in place.

4. 2005 Review
Ken Wright reviewed the many initiatives and accomplishments of the Dunwoody Homeowners Association which transpired in 2005. He thanked all of the volunteers who contributed thousands of hours on behalf of the residents in the Dunwoody community.

5. Recognize DHA Board
Ken Wright recognized thanked the DHA board for their contributions and commitment.

6. Merchant of the Year
Ken Wright presented an honorary Merchant of the Year plaque to the executives of the Burger King franchise located in The Shops of Dunwoody near Dunwoody Village. Mr. Wright made note of special appreciation for this merchant’s support of fundraisers for our community’s schools. The recipients received a roaring ovation from DHA members.

7. Brook Run Plans
Marvin Billups updated members on the Brook Run project. Phase 1, the Adventure Garden, is complete. Phase II, the Skate Park, is in design. Construction documents are almost complete. The skate park is expected to open in the summer of 2007. The total master plan calls for approximately $37 million in investment.

8. Brook Run Conservancy
Bill McCahan gave thanks to Marvin Billups for his work on the Brook Run project. Mr. McCahan reports that the Conservancy is in final filing stages with the I.R.S. for 501c(3) status. Public/private partnerships are being considered. Significant funds need to be raised.

9. PDK Airport
David Fowler reported on the PDK Master Plan, which is now available on-line. He requests DeKalb County and the DHA to support to the plan as written.

10. Fourth of July Parade

a) Ken Wright introduced Jan Akers who will chair the parade event this year.

b) Ken Wright extended deep gratitude on the Community’s behalf to Bill Robinson and Nick Nicodemus for their many years of service, and in particular for their leadership in building the Fourth of July Parade to be recognized as one of the finest Holiday events in the State. Mr. Wright presented Mr. Robinson and Mr. Nicodemus plaques in gratitude.

c) Ken Wright presented an honorary plaque to Margot Cole for her leadership over the years in managing the Light Up Dunwoody event.

d) Ken Wright presented an honorary plaque to Jay Kapp of Kapp Koncepts for his donation of time and talent to the DHA for the construction, enhancement, and maintenance of the DHA web site.

e) Ken Wright passed the gavel and made a motion that Bill Robinson and Nick Nicodemus serve as Grand Marshalls for the 2006 Fourth of July Parade. The motion was seconded, voted on, and approved by unanimous consent.

11. Light Up Dunwoody
Celeste Webb will chair Light Up Dunwoody in 2006.

12. Dunwoody Toppers
A community pride initiative is underway to add Dunwoody logo toppers to community street signs. For $45 one can sponsor a topper, and receive Dunwoody logo key chains, window decals, and license tags in return.

13. Elections for 2006
Bill Robinson presented the DHA Nominating Committee’s recommendation for two new elected directors to replace two whose terms have expired. He made a motion to nominate Ms. Barbara Dodds and Mr. Gordon Jackson as elected directors. The motion was seconded, and passed by unanimous consent.

14. Audience Question and Answer
Ken Wright led an audience question and answer session. Citizens raised questions on zoning, road improvements, City of Dunwoody initiative, and schools.

15. City of Dunwoody – DeKalb
Dick Williams moderated a presentation followed by a question and answer session regarding City incorporation for the Dunwoody community. Active panel participants were Senator Dan Weber, House Representative Fran Millar, and CEO Vernon Jones. Senator Weber presented the City of Dunwoody to be a “replacement government” for some services currently being provided by the County. A financial feasibility study is underway. A City Charter will set three critical dates: 1) Date for a city-wide voter referendum for the city itself, 2) Date to vote for city officials, and 3) Date to start city operations.