Bill Grossman called the meeting to order at 2pm

Introduction of attending officials and guests by Fran Millar – Tom Taylor, Kathy Gannon, Mike Davis, Denny Shortal, Lynn Deutsch, John Heneghan, Doug Thompson, Terry Nall and Adrian Bonser (arrived late).

Molly Portis spoke on behalf of Dunwoody Preservation Trust asking for volunteers and support for the organization.

DHA Presentation of Business of the Year award to Chamber of Commerce

Alan Mothner spoke on behalf of Dunwoody Nature Center with plans for 2012 and presentation of the Dave

Adams award to Brent Walker, CoD Parks Director.

Yvonne Williams represented the PCID and spoke on the next ten years.

DHA Presentation of the Citizen of the year award to Pam Tallmadge

Chief Billy Grogan spoke on the status of the Dunwoody Police Department as well as community involvement with the police.

DHA Presentation of Community Service awards to Ken Wright, Robert Wittenstein and Danny Ross
Founding Mayor Ken Wright spoke on his years of service

Mayor Mike Davis spoke on his vision for Dunwoody

A vote was held to change the by-laws so notifications can be sent electronically as well as by post. The vote was unanimous. The nominations for executive committee were Bill Grossman and Barbara Dodds. The vote was unanimous.