President Stacey Harris welcomed the attendees and specific recognition of distinguished visitors; including State Senator Millar, State Representative Taylor, all but one of Mayor and Council and former DeKalb CEO, Vernon Jones.

Next President Harris conducted an introduction of the current DHA Board of Directors and a review of significant issues dealt with by DHA during 2013. These included the Sterling Point retail rezoning on Ashford-Dunwoody and the successful startup of the Dunwoody Food Truck Thursdays, which ran for 22 Thursdays in 2013 and is planned for 27 in 2014. Our long running 4th of July Parade avoided the rain as did the Light Up Dunwoody kickoff to the Holiday Season.

Dunwoody Nature Center’s presentation of Dave Adams award was handled by Alan Mothner and Sue Ellis. Two members of the Rotary Club of Dunwoody accepted the silver cup.

DHA Citizen of the Year Award went to Jay Kapp. Jay created the DHA website at the turn of the century and has helped several other non-profits over the years. Jay makes life easier for lots of volunteers with his expertise as a Webmaster.

Mayor Mike Davis remarked about the Future of Dunwoody Village commercial area and how the redevelopment now underway of the Dunwoody Village Parkway will spur redevelopment in the adjoining commercial areas. The Mayor also provided an update to the Georgetown redevelopment project including the building of parks and emergence of higher priced single family dwellings.

Two DHA Community Service Awards were presented by President Harris. Retiring Councilwoman Bonser was thanked for her years of involvement as a founding member of the Dunwoody City Council. DHA’s thirty first President (2010-2013) and current Chairman of the City of Dunwoody Planning Commission, Bill Grossman, was honored for his work for the community.

Robert Wittenstein gave a Dunwoody Parents Update on the process in front of us to achieve a City of Dunwoody School System. He noted that this is a higher bar to pass than the creation of the City of Dunwoody as it requires passage of HR 486 with 2/3 needed for ratification in the State House and Senate and then a state wide ballot issue just to get to the point where we can vote on forming a school system.

The 2013 4th of July Parade and Light Up Dunwoody for November 2013 was reviewed by Pam Tallmadge, lead volunteer for both annual events. Governor Nathan Deal was announced as the Grand Marshall of the 2014 Parade.

DHA membership renewals include a comment section. Stacey Harris read and responded to the most common comments by DHA members.