Announcements and Introductions

Robert Wittenstein, outgoing President, Thanked St. Luke’s for the use of their Chapel.  He explained to the attendees the founding of the Dunwoody Homeowners Association. He summarized what we do annually including community input, hearing developer proposals, sponsor events and making donations to our community throughout the year.  Robert recognized the DHA Board Members that were present.  He also acknowledged State Senator Fran Millar, City of Dunwoody Council Members Lynn Deutsch, Pam Tallmadge, Terry Nall and Jim Riticher.

Year in Review

  • We have $70,000 in our Treasury with stable membership numbers.
  • DHA adopted the triangle at Peeler and Winters Chapel Roads.  It will look better in the Spring when the plantings are established and ready to green.  We are paying for the minimal maintenance required.
  • DHA took no positions on developments this year.
  • We sponsored along with The Crier two Candidate Forums.
  • DHA and The Crier sponsored the July 4th Parade and Light Up Dunwoody.  Both were a great success and Robert thanked the volunteers.
  • DHA kicked off Solarize Dunwoody.  Jason Metzger of Solarize Dunwoody made a presentation. They have 22 signed contracts and they extended the deadline until the end of February for evaluations and signing contracts. There is a 10 year payback for residential and a 5 year payback for commercial.  
  • DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond spoke about progress in DeKalb County in the past year. When he came into office there was a 27 million dollar budget deficit.  He eliminated deficit spending and they now have a 75 million fund balance. He was very pleased that the SPLOST was approved by 71% of the voters.  He said that 85% of the money must be spent on infrastructure and public safety.  Dunwoody will get 40 million dollars from the SPLOST over 6 years.  DeKalb County has a consent decree with EPA and EPD.  Our most valuable resource, the sewer System became neglected.  The County stopped inspecting creek crosses over the past 10 years, which leads to leaks and spills.   DeKalb had the foresight 50 years ago to invest in mass transit.
  • Greg Bluestein, AJC political reporter covering Georgia Politics, spoke about the political climate in Georgia. There are two big issues in state politics.  Georgia regions are changing as Democrats are circling the suburbs.  Amazon is another big issue at the Capitol as no one wants to be responsible for Amazon not choosing Georgia for its new location.  The state will give many incentives to Amazon if Georgia is in the final three.  He also said that the two top positions for the state will be an open field.


What’s ahead for 2018

DHA will have at least one Candidate Forum for the State Senator and State Representatives.  Robert is hoping we can also have one for Governor and Lt. Governor.


  • DHA is sponsoring a new Dunwoody Farmer’s Market with seed money.  Marian Adeimy Avise addressed the group. There is a 12 member committee including DHA Board Members and DHS students. They have 15 committed vendors.  They met with the City and are working on coordinating events.  It will start Saturday, May 5th at Brook Rin Park near the Veteran’s Memorial.  They are looking for a market manager.  They have a Facebook page, Dunwoody Farmer’s Market.


  • There were no announcements for the July 4th parade as they do not have a confirmation yet for the Grand Marshal.


  • The Community Service Award went to former Councilman, Doug Thompson.
  • Business of the Year went to E. 48th Street Market for their Harvest Festival to provide 50 baskets of food for 50 Kingsley Elementary School families for Thanksgiving after Hurricane Irma.
  • Citizen of the Year was given to DHA Board Member, Bill Grossman.  Bill was the founder of Food Truck Thursdays.

Nominating Committee

  • On behalf of the Nominating Committee, Bill Grossman nominated Erika Harris for another term and John Sparks.  They were voted onto the Board unanimously.

Meeting Adjourned

Executive Board Election

President – Adrienne Duncan

Vice President – Erika Harris

Treasurer – John Sparks

Recording Secretary – Gerri Penn

Members at Large – Robert Wittenstein and Kerry de Valette

Respectfully submitted by<

Gerri Penn, Recording Secretary