JANUARY 13, 2019

Adrienne Duncan, President, caller the meeting to order.  She introduced Mike Cowan, the Director of the Dunwoody Nature Center.  He welcomed all in attendance in their new building.  He also thanked Alan Mothner for all he did.  Mike said we will see additional buildings including an eco- class and new educational building. He announced that Monarchs and Margaritas will be on April 27th, 2019.

Dignitaries in attendance State Attorney General Chris Carr, State Senator District 40 Fran Millar, State Senator Elect District 40 Sally Harrell, and State House Elect District 79 Mike Wilensky.  City of Dunwoody Council Members in attendance Terry Nall, Pam Talmadge, Lynn Deutsch, Tom Lambert, and John Heneghan.

Adrienne gave a summary of what DHA did in 2018.  She said the DHA Board is made up of volunteers who hear presentation and vote on decision.  This year both the July 4th Parade and Light Up Dunwoody had their largest attendance. Projects we recently took a position on were Grubb Properties and Roberts Drive. The Farmers Market is DHA’s newest project. Looking forward in 2019 some things on the agenda is the Dunwoody Village update, GDOT speaker on the 285 project, and Candidate Forum for Mayor and Council positions.

Adrienne introduced State Attorney General Chis Carr, a Dunwoody resident.  He said that metro Atlanta is the economic engine for the State.  Folks want to live in Dunwoody and we need the Dunwoody Homeowners Association and the Dunwoody Nature Center.  It’s all about quality of life.  The Attorney General is part of the Executive Branch of the State. There are five major issues that they are addressing; human trafficking, opioid crisis, consumer protection, gang activity and transparency in government.

DHA honored State Senator Fran Millar. He was given the Community Service Award.   

Pam Talmadge and Penny Forman.  Jimmy Economis is instrumental to the success of the Parade. Jimmy and his company EEP Event Planning received the Business of the Year Award.

Bill Grossman announced the nominees for the 2019Executive Board.  Bill Grossman is rolling on as Robert Wiitenstein rolls off and Adrienne rolls off and back on to serve another term.  They were approved unanimously.

Both State Senator Elect Sally and State House Representative Elect Mike Wilensky spoke about some of the issues important to them.

Adrienne thanked our City Council members that were in attendance.

Pam Talmadge announced that the theme for the July 4th Parade is “Happy Birthday Dunwoody”.  The grand marshals are Dunwoody Police Chief Bill Grogan and his senior staff.

Adrienne announced that on February 10th at our monthly Board meeting, we will have an official from GDOT who will discuss their plans for I285’s raised lanes and toll for 400.

The meeting was adjourned.

Executive Board Meeting

Four of six Board Members were in attendance; Adrienne Duncan, Su Ellis, Bill Grossman and Gerri Penn.

Bill moved and Gerri seconded that John Sparks remain as Treasurer and was approved unanimously. Bill moved and Su seconded that Gerri Penn remain as Recording Secretary and was approved unanimously. Gerri motioned and Bill seconded that Su Ellis remain as Vice President which was approved unanimously. Bill motioned and Su seconded that Adrienne continue to serve as President which was approved unanimously.  Bill Grossman and Kerry de Valette will be Members at Large. 

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by,

Gerri Penn, Recording Secretary