Welcome and Opening Remarks – Adrienne called the meeting to order and announced that in June DHA will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary. Adrienne recognized elected officials in attendance. Council members Pam Talmadge, Stacey Harris, Jim Riticher, and John Heneghan were present.  State Senator Sally Harrell and State Representative Mike Wilensky were also in attendance. Adrienne presented some DHA history leading up to our 50th Anniversary.

1st Dick Williams Citizenship Award – This award was created to honor Dick Williams.  The first recipient chosen by Dick Williams was Bill Robinson.  Adrienne listed much of what Bill has contributed to this community.

Marian Adeimy, Dunwoody Farmers Market – Marian was not able to attend.  Adrienne said the Farmers Market is building its Committee and will run every Saturday from May to September.

Educate Dunwoody, Despina Lamas, Michelle Fincher, and Leah Marques – These three moms started a Facebook page about Education in DeKalb County Schools. They have met with all but one of the Board of Education Board members.  This is a non-partisan Facebook page.

Community Service Award – This award was presented to Despina Lamas, Michelle Fincher and Leah Marques as the founders of Educate Dunwoody.

Speaker, State Senator Sally Harrell – She gave a Legislative Update including a summary of some House Bills and a Senate Bill.  She said the budget will be cut because Sales Tax revenues are up, but Income Tax revenue is down.

Mike Cowan, Dunwoody Nature Center – Mike thanked the City and DHA for their sponsorship.  They had a strong financial status at the end of 2019.  This past year was of year of transition from Alan Mothner to Mike Cowan, school construction and new Education Building finished.  They have new programming with the Audubon Society, bird walk, senior programming, beekeeping club and Georgia Native Plant Society. He also spoke about invasive plants like ivy that kill trees and recommended killing the ivy.

Executive Board Elections, Bill Grossman – Bill announced that both Kerry and Gerri would roll off and Debbie Montgomery would replace Kerry and Gerri agreed to roll over for another three year term.  The Board gave unanimous approval for both Debbie and Gerri.

Featured Community Speakers

*Melody Maddox, DeKalb County Sheriff – She has an extensive law enforcement back ground.  In her first sixty days detention officers have received a 4% raise, there is a GED Program, working on justice reform, and she personally talks to inmates every day,

*Ann Hanlon, Perimeter Community Improvement District Executive Director – She has been a Dunwoody resident for 15 years.  She said that the PCID was founded in 1999.  It is a special purpose tax district with commercial properties paying a voluntary special tax that goes back to the district for improvements.  They are working on a pedestrian bridge, turn lane improvements and mid-block crossing walk to get to MARTA station. They have partnered with the City on a commuter trail.

*State Senator Sally Harrell – She spoke earlier in the meeting.  See above.

July 4th Parade Theme and Grand Marshall Announcement, Councilwoman Pam Talmadge – The theme is The Greatest Generation and the Grand Marshalls are World War II Veterans.

New Web Site Reveal – Adrienne revealed the new web site.

Meeting was adjourned

Executive Board Meeting – Bill Grossman said John Sparks is willing to stay on as Treasurer.  Gerri motioned to approve John and Su seconded and John was voted Treasurer unanimously.  Gerri motioned that Adrienne remain as President and Su remain Vice President with a second from Bill and it was passed unanimously.  Gerri nominated Debbie as Recording Secretary and it was seconded by Su and approved unanimously.  Adjourn

Respectively submitted by,

Gerri Penn, Recording Secretary