Rick Jones, Vice President, called the meeting to order at 7:30.


No presentations



DeKalb County has a 90 day moratorium on residential zoning. Elaine Boyer was the only commissioner who voted against it.

Someone wants to buy white house next to Prudential building—contingent on rezoning. This would be under moratorium. Our current policy is that the houses in this area remain residential. Lawyers want to develop 2 of the three houses for law offices.

Elaine Boyer has application to amend zoning ordinance that has been in place since 1977. The ordinance requires that churches be on 3 acres or more or on a major thoroughfare. Boyer’s application would eliminate that. It has been deferred for 60 days. DHA opposes this.

House on Roberts Drive—called code enforcement and is waiting for them to return call. Joyce Amacher reported that there are partitions, and it is set up like an office. County had been out because of neighbor’s complaints. ACTION: Bill will follow up with code enforcement.

2 corner lots on Mt. Vernon—met with owners. They were not able to rent these as residences so a friend is living in one house and using the other for storage. They are putting a residential plan together.

Dunking Donuts—Variance application for set back front, side, and rear--change parking spaces from 42 to 28. Bill Phillips has talked to them, and we are trying to get a site plan. May be sandwich shop, Donuts, and Baskin Robins. DHA opposes this. ACTION: Bill will get site plan.

FULTON COUNTY: Peachtree Dunwoody Rd.--Roberts Properties

This was deferred by planning commission for 60 days. Fran Millar reported that the Fulton County School Boards feels that it will not have an impact on school and there is no major environmental concern. He thinks it is going to happen, but will be scaled down. Rick stated that we vigorously oppose this, and it is #1 priority in zoning. Community needs to be involved.

Front of Perimeter Point along Mt. Vernon—Variance Application ACTION: Bill Grossman will see what he can find out about it.

SIGNAGE: Motion was made to oppose all litter signs. It was seconded and motion carried. There was discussion about the legality taking up these signs. Action: Dick Williams will check on the legality of taking up litter signs.

Ace Hardware sign—Ken got a call and it sounds as if they are going to have a wood type sign—sounding more positive. Question was raised about colors. Action: Ken will check on Williamsburg colors..

CITIZEN ADVISORY COMMITTEES: Bill Grossman reported that there are 2 advisory committees. Committee of about 10 members appointed by commissioners and CEO. He has talked to Yates and Boyer about appointments. Vernon Jones is the only one who has submitted names for committee. Bill has submitted 2 parcels on Mt. Vernon for green space. Parks Dept is interested in 40 acres on Vermack. Bill discussed with Judy Yates that he didn’t want Brook Run to shut us out on other possibilities.

UPDATE ON VANDALISM: Chuck Trense reported that mother and son have been served. Mother had called John Sparks and pleaded with him to drop suit.

PUBLIX UPDATE: Chuck reported that he and Don met with Elaine Boyer and Tom Black. Expired covenants became conditions and unclear if conditions were filed. Lights have been lowered and direction changed. Action: Chuck will check with Zickert concerning filing of conditions..


OVERLAY—Fran Millar wrote a letter to Vernon Jones about funds. Chuck reported that Don has action plan to get Overlay funded. One of our objectives for the year is to complete and implement the Overlay District.


No report

BROOK RUN: Fran Millar reported that committee would meet with Vernon Jones to get this going. Ultimate objective is that this committee will deal with Brook Run. Committee will make recommendations; hire master planner, etc., develop plan and then go out and raise money.

GARDEN TOUR: Bill Robinson has tickets for Dunwoody Nature Center Garden Tour, May 18, 19, 20. DHA is a sponsor.

PARADE: Bill Robinson reported that the committee met for the first time and another meeting is scheduled this month. Persons responsible for each area of the parade have been selected. CRIER is co-sponsor.

COMMUNICATIONS: Bill Robinson reported that the second DHA article would be in the CRIER this week. He will edit articles to be submitted to CRIER.

OTHER REPORTS: Dick Williams reported that the ATM robber was caught.

Fran Millar reported that Peachtree Middle School has made application to become a Charter School and that the State rejected the application.

Chuck Trense encouraged everyone to attend DPT’s Lemonade Days.

Joyce Amacher reported that they would continue to furnish trees as long as they are needed. Over 24,000 trees have been planted.

Meeting was adjourned.