Zoning Issue Presentations
Ø Fulton County – Spalding Property Development – There is no new updates to report. Work is still in Progress with regards to the development of the Spalding Property.

Ø DeKalb County – SE corner of Chamblee Dunwoody Road and Mt. Vernon – BP leases this site and they are looking to sub- lease this property to an outside car wash facility. The DHA and the Preservation Trust oppose this use. Member’s request that DHA further look into possible zoning, overlay non-compliance, and permit issues with the carwash. Property upkeep and landscaping is seen as another issue that the new owner has not addressed.

Ø DeKalb County – Discussion with Carle Westmoreland regarding parcel on Ashford Dunwoody – No Update.

Ø DeKalb County - BB&T/ Toolan Site – Representative for BB&T said that they are finalizing the details for the property and that they will comply with all overlay requirements.

Ø DeKalb County - Cambridge area R100 development – Architect and Overlay District are working out final details, more to follow.

Community Notes and Presentations

Ø The DHA brought to attention the “portable car washes” that have sprouted in Dunwoody Village. The Board has asked for clarification and a follow up discussion for next meeting. There is an overwhelming concern about the practicality and usefulness for all these car washes. It is requested that a list of issues regarding such problems as permits, overlay compliance, and zoning be investigated more thoroughly to insure a footing for Dunwoody not to patronize these businesses. The portable car washes in question are:

o The BP Lot

o Shell next to Dunwoody Hall

o Chevron next to Dunwoody Village

Ø Dan Weber discussed the Peachtree Middle School project. Mr. Weber presented the DHA with architectural renderings of the proposed new Peachtree Charter Middle School. The plans are to include a strong traditional façade. DHA originally requests the appearance to follow with the Williamsburg look and feel, but Dan quickly pointed out that the term Williamsburg probably would not fly. An alternate approach is to term the appearance Strong Traditional and use examples of Chamblee Middle School and Tucker Middle School as a representation to present to Dekalb County. Mr. Weber is seeking the feedback and comments and the DHA overwhelmingly requests the “Strong Traditional” façade and maximizing green space. Mr. Weber will meet with the DHA again in one week for a follow up.

Ø Bill Robinson discussed the Spruill Gallery Outdoor Folk Art Festival. Admission is free and the dates are May 22nd and May 23rd from 10Am-6Pm.

Ø The DHA heard presentations from DeKalb County Superior Court Candidate Rodney Zell, and Dekalb County probate Jude candidate Jeryl Rosh.

President Update
Ø Dunwoody Village entrance sign on Chamblee Dunwoody Road – Still being discussed.

Ø Dekalb County Water & Sewer – Public Meeting will be held on April 13th, 2004 at 7:00PM at the Winters Chapel United Methodist Church Located at 5105 Winters Chapel Road Atlanta, GA 30360. The purpose of the meeting is to :

o Provide information on upcoming water supply projects

o Inform the public of a new water supply pipeline from the pumping station on Holcomb Bridge Road to the Plant on Winters Chapel Road.

Ø Dial America Building – a new structure has been constructed at the rear of the small business. This was done without permits or county approvals – the DHA is working with the County to seek compliance with the Overlay or have the structure removed.

Perimeter CID District – No Update

Overlay District – Bill Phillips – Nothing to Report

Brook Run – Bill Robinson

Ø Children’s Adventure Garden – Close to going out for bid.

Ø April 14th Brookrun Committee meeting with Dekalb County Officials. The committee will be discussing options for going forward with a 501C3.

Communications – Bill Robinson
Ø Bill is selling tickets for “Broadway Melodies” which is truly a Broadway level production. The show will run from Friday May 23rd through Saturday May 24th . The cost for the production is $15.00 for adults and $10.00 for students – make checks payable to Dunwoody Preservation Trust.

Ø Bill Robinson will be writing the May article for the Crier.

Membership – Sherman Dudley
Ø No Update.

PDK Report – David Fowler
Ø No Update

Board Discussion & Votes
Ø Members are very concerned about the Storage Facility presented for zoning several months ago. DHA wants to make clear that they do not want to allow a change in the zoning to allow for Industrial. For this development to be approved, the DHA would have to agree to industrial type zoning (spot zoning) in or near the Overlay District. This would be in conflict with years of zoning cases where the DHA has opposed any Industrial Zoning in the area. Discussion will continue while the DHA discussed with DeKalb staff potential protective conditions.

Ø No Votes.

Ø An e-mail board vote was sent on 4-16-2004 as pasted below. The vote passed 15-1 from responding members.

DHA Board,

I am preparing a letter to all the DHA members in conjunction with Dunwoody Preservation Trust, and potentially the Dunwoody Women's club.

This universal letter signed by all organizations would go out to all of our combined members.

During April's DHA meeting the DHA voted not to support the proposed outside car wash located at the abandoned BP lot across from the farmhouse.

I would like to take a clarification vote to the motion as outlined below:

The DHA votes in favor of crafting a letter in conjunction with the DPT & potentially the Dunwoody Women's club asking our members not to patronize this new "outside" car wash.

Please let me know if you vote YES in favor of this letter to our members or NO you are not in favor of this letter to our members.

Please reply with you vote by the evening of Wednesday March 17th 2004.


Ken Wright