1. Approval of Minutes from January 29, 2006 annual meeting
Upon motion, the Minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

2. Zoning & Development

a. 1100 Ashwood Parkway – Upon motion, the Board voted unanimously to inform Southeast Capital Partners that the DHA does not support the proposed 25 story condominium tower (overlooking the Dunwoody Station neighborhood).

b. Calvary Assembly of God variance request – no action.

c. Dunwoody Crier offices – Dick Williams made a request to add a small structure behind the Amacher building for storage of papers pending loading on delivery trucks. Upon motion and unanimous consent to do so, Chip Franzoni appointed Don Boyken and Ken Wright to review plans for the structure to insure compliance with the Overlay District.

d. Waffle House / Wachovia Ashford-Dunwoody – plans still not submitted; no action.

e. Mt. Vernon / Ashford-Dunwoody Landscaping – Bill Grant announced that, in addition to designing, building and maintaining the intersection park space, he will maintain the fountain suggested to be the focal point of the new space, but that DHA would need to raise approximately $25,000 to pay for the fountain water feature.

f. Signage – Orchard Park Pub: no action.

g. Private streets: Bill Grant spoke about a potential future request to support a private street ordinance in DeKalb that would allow developers more freedom with respect to streets and private gates. Bob Lundsten raised questions about increased density concerns. No action was taken by the DHA.

h. Infrastructure –

i. Jim Fielder of Engraving Concrete by Design gave a presentation on concrete options for the Mt. Vernon / Ashford-Dunwoody intersection park. No action was taken by the Board.

ii. Dennis Crean proposed that DHA ask DeKalb County to conduct a traffic study on the feasibility of changes to the traffic lights and the possible addition of turning lanes at the intersections of Mt. Vernon and Vermack and Mt. Vernon and Tilly Mill. Upon motion by Gerri Penn, the Board voted unanimously to support a traffic light study and a survey of the county of destination of cars traveling through those intersections but not to request any study involving the possible addition of turning lanes or any other construction to or widening of Mt. Vernon. The DHA remains opposed to any widening of Mt. Vernon.

3. Code Infractions

a. Eckerd: no progress with Code Enforcement.

4. Community Affairs

a. 4th July Parade – Jan Akers – no report at this time, but the Board agreed to proceed with talks with Target to be a sponsor even though the Target internal grant request will not be approved until October.

b. Light Up Dunwoody – Celeste Webb announced that she and her family are moving out of state and she will need volunteers to take over Light Up Dunwoody 2006.

5. PDK Update – The first public meeting has been held and the new flight plan seems to be helping noise levels.

6. Brook Run – No update.

7. Treasurer Report: Non-operating portions of the DHA funds have been moved to a new account that pays a much higher interest rate.

8. Messages & Updates from President, Chip Franzoni

a. Jan Akers was welcomed to the DHA Board.

b. Renfroe Lake was recognized and thanked for its donation to the DHA.

c. Upon Motion, the Board unanimously approved three donations of $500 each to The Dunwoody Nature Center, Lemonade Days and The DHS Wildcat Fund.