Approval of Minutes

  • Upon motion and second, the March 4, 2007, minutes were approved.
  • DeKalb County Fire Rescue Department – Chief David Foster & Battalion One Chief Bennie Joe Paige
  • DHA was updated on Fire and Rescue Services for DeKalb County. There are 860 trained personnel in fire and rescue and 26 stations respond. Response time is 5 minutes.

Zoning and Development

Variance request – Bill Amacher

Building on Nandina Lane—footprint will not change. One story will be added at north end of building. Exterior finish will remain the same and parking is adequate.

4250 Perim. Park Dr. (Julian LeCraw & Co) rezoning – Bill Grossman

Offices to Condos-- 17 acres in unincorporated DeKalb County. This will impact schools.

N. Shallowford SLUP – Bill Grossman/HCA/ Shallowford Hospital Area--Bob Lundsten

Five acres owned by the hospital got a 60-day deferral. DHA would like to see mixed use in this area. DHA feels that apartments tend to spiral down after a few years.

Tilly Mill Rd. Church – Gerri Penn

North DeKalb Christian Church is for sale (3.8 acres) and has a contract for an Assisted Living Facility. There are 2 backup contracts for churches. If they do apply for rezoning, DHA will ask them to present plans to DHA and dialog with neighborhood will take place. No one is taking care of the property at this time and this has been reported to Code Enforcement.

Code Infractions

Update Geri Penn

Home Design Remodeling still has one banner. Construction at site has permit.
Wildfire Restaurant reported for banners.
Dunwoody Hair Salon says that they have license to be in O & I.
Spa Med in O & I—checking on this

Glaze Dr. HOA – Leon Chang

Glaze Drive Homeowners asked for support of DHA for a Glaze Drive Petition to DeKalb County for redress of grievances—Sidewalks, light poles, landscape plans, end units, side decks, brick monuments, and gates. They are requesting that DeKalb County and the Developer honor the negotiated agreed and approved rezoning conditions. They have legal binding documents. Situation is very bad.

Chamblee-Dunwoody wall – Bill Grossman

Wall at two new homes south of Calvary Church
Code Enforcement has not looked at this and it was given to them in March. Limits on fences are 4 feet. Dirt has been piled on either side of wall.


Sandy Springs. Representative Dave Greenspan

No report

City of Dunwoody – Tom Taylor

By next Wednesday or Thursday, Dunwoody bills should be passed and sent to the Governor for signature. Referendum will be in 2008.

Ashford-Dunwoody / Mt. Vernon – Bill Grossman

No Change

Web Site Changes – Al Tiede

Content is being updated on website. Information for 4th of July is needed. Notify Al if changes need to be made to other info.

Community Affairs

4th July Parade – Dick Williams

Planning is under way. Registration will be on DHA website.

Light Up Dunwoody – Sharon Collins

Work will begin on this in fall. Date is November 18.

Lemonade Days – Bill Robinson

Motion was made, seconded, and approved unanimously to give $500.00 to DPT for Lemonade Days.

Brook Run

Demolition update -- Joe DeVita

State and Federal agencies have oversight of project. State Agencies need help of local citizens in observing what goes on with dumping, etc. in park. Open records request was made and Dunwoody North has all information on their website.

Messages & Updates from President

Topper initiative volunteer-- Volunteer still needed

By-Laws change-- By-Laws have been changed and copies will be distributed.

Bill Robinson has tickets for Garden Tour and needs 3 volunteers to help with tour.

Board Discussion and Votes

Nandina Lane--Motion was made, seconded and approved unanimously as presented by Bill Amacher.

Glaze Drive--Motion was made, seconded, and approved unanimously to authorize $5,000 for legal expenses for Glaze Drive Homeowners to challenge DeKalb County to enforce agreed zoning conditions.

Meeting was adjourned.