President Stacey Harris presided, all executive board members present. Distinguished guests were introduced and a reminder for the Candidate Forum on 4/24 was issued.

  1. Approval of minutes for March 2014
  2. Presentation to Warren Hutmacher – City Manager
    DHA recognized and presented the outgoing City Manager with a gift in appreciation for his tenure and achievements.
  3. Presentation on Spruill Center Development – Don Boyken
    Don presented a revamped version of the Spruill Development featuring 8,00sq ft. of retail/restaurants and a 128 room, 4 story hotel behind the farmhouse with the hotel at the rear of the property. Spruill granted a 99 year ground lease for the project. Access will be via the road built for the Walmart Shopping Center, no additional curb cuts.
  4. Adopt a Bench Presentation – Meredy Shortal
    Representing the Dunwoody Woman’s Club, Meredy said they intend to install 35 benches in 9 City parks. Commitments for 19 had been obtained and she asked DHA for their support. In the board-only session, it was suggested the DHA board “pass the hat” to raise funds for a DHA bench since there were no discretionary funds for 2014.
  5. Discussion on Personal Care home on Manget Way
    Linda Dunlavy, attorney for the Manget Way area residents presented a detailed account of the situation, and her interpretation of the use of the home and why it should not be approved due to code violations. Warren confirmed that a stop work order had been issued and the city was investigating their verbal approval of the use as a personal care home to Centers for Discovery who intend to operate the home as a facility for teens with eating disorders. Several residents were afforded opportunity to voice their concerns.

    Ultimately, the Board voted to oppose the approved use of the home in a letter to the city:

    The DHA asks the City of Dunwoody to ascertain the facts expeditiously in respect to the facility on Manget Way and report their findings directly back to the DHA and Community.