Announcements and introduction of distinguished visitors
John Heneghan, Terry Nall, Denny Shortal, Doug Thompson and Lee May

  1. Approval of minutes for March 1, 2015 meeting—Joe Tuttle
    Joe motioned to approve, Dennis C. seconded…unanimous
  2. Update on the DVP Condo project progress – Robert Wittenstein
    Robert spoke to the 11 conditions agreed upon between neighbors and the developers. Namely, the creation of a significant buffer and removal of impervious surfaces adjacent to the stream buffer and neighbors. DHA will support the project before the City Planning Commission in April and City Council in May.
  3. Update from our DeKalb County Interim CEO – Lee May
    May stressed ethics reform including recent legislation that virtually abolishes the current ethics board in favor of a new one not appointed by elected officials. DeKalb will also install a full-time Chief Integrity Officer and a recent bill that would require an independent auditor and oversight committee.

    Other topics: The county is facing staffing cuts resulting from the establishment of new cities and the two new ones up for vote this November.

    Shared services, particularly Firefighters continue to be funded with 100 newly trained ready to join and a 3 percent pay raise for existing Firefighters.

    May also mentioned a possible 1% sales tax referendum that could be on November’s ballot, but said ultimately it resulted in tax relief for DeKalb city homeowners and was tied to Fran Millar’s property tax freeze renewal.

  4. Georgia Power tree cutting program - Kym Stephens
    Kym is GP’s ranger for north metro and explained the recent clear cutting near the main power lines as a customary 3-year mowing and trimming cycle within the 250 ft.-wide easement. Her supervisor also explained that the huge NE blackout several years ago resulted in stiffer penalties for utilities, particularly for trees taller than 15ft. within their easements.
  5. Trees Atlanta tree planting program- Rosemary Cox
    Dr. Cox, a professor at GPC and volunteer for Trees Atlanta offered a presentation on the organization’s purpose and efforts including Brook Run.
  6. Stage Door Players – Sponsorship request – Robert Egizio

Board only session: Votes as needed on any motions including:

  • Stage Door Players sponsorship request: Motion to support with $300 as budgeted by the DHA for 2015, passed unanimously.
  • Motion from Sherman for DHA to sponsor the Ms. Senior Georgia Pageant was denied with only four yes votes.