1. Announcements and introduction of distinguished visitors
    Fran Millar, Tom Taylor, Kathy Gannon
  2. Approval of minutes for March 6, 2016 meeting—Lindsay Ballow
    Minutes approved
  3. Discussion – Crown Holdings development proposal for 244 Perimeter Center Parkway (Goldkist site)— Board discussion
    Should DHA accept their proposal as is? Mentioned that they did accept our changes to the parking deck but many board members are reluctant to accept anything lower that 75% owner occupied from day one, no gradual yearly increase. No straw vote taken – Discussion continued during Board Only
  4. Redevelopment Presentation—1660 Mt. Vernon (Former Wells Fargo) in Dunwoody Village at the intersection of Mt. Vernon and Dunwoody Village Parkway –Den Webb, Jeff Kerker
    Webb and Kerker discussed changing the bank property into space for 2 retail spaces. Would need to change zoning from O/I to C/I. the building is approx. 3900 sq ft main floor, 2600 sq ft on the top floor. 32 parking spaces. They will come back with more info and plans at a future date.
  5. DeKalb Blueprints 2 (form of government study group) Update – Kathie Gannon, DeKalb County Commissioner
    Kathie discussed where they are with Blueprint to Define DeKalb. Blueprint has is a citizen driven input in regards to how DeKalb government should be run. Most believe we should be looking at ways to change the current CEO governing model DeKalb.
  6. Discussion – Memorial Day Banners
    Banners have been lost, we need to replace
  7. Funding Requests:
    Community Assistance Center Food N Fun Fest – Pam Jones, Robert Wittenstein
    CAC – Food n Fun Fest – May 7th a drive to stock the food pantry food shelves that serves the local area

    Woman’s Club Home Tour – Gerri Penn
    Request we support the home tour as a sponsor as DHA has done in the past

Board only session: Votes as needed on any motions including:

  • Support (with conditions) or Oppose Crown Holdings development proposal. (If with conditions, what conditions?)
    Initial discussion centered around 3 options, the DHA opposing the development, work with Crown to gain our approval, or do nothing. Board voted to offer them one final proposal. Board voted 10-4 to include 75% owner occupied from the start and a 400k reduction in Office Space in a final proposal to Crown.
  • CAC funding request
    $500 approved
  • Woman’s Club funding request
    $500 approved
  • Adjourn