Public Meeting

Announcements and Introductions of distinguished visitors – Commissioner Nancy Jester, Councilmen John Heneghan and Terry Nall, Candidate for State House Seat District 79 Ken Wright, and Candidate Tamara Johnson Shealey for State Senate Seat District 40 were introduced by our President, Adrienne Duncan. 

Introduction of new Board member – Adrienne introduced Debbie Montgomery.

Introduction of Candidates for office  - Candidates that spoke are Kirby Clements Jr. running for DeKalb County Superior, Ken Wright running for Sate House District 79, Tamara Johnson Shealey running for State Senate District 40, and Letitia Jackson running for DeKalb County Superior Court.

Approval of Minute from March Board Meeting – We will vote on them at our May meeting as they were not emailed to the Board.

Updates of Food Trucks, Farmers Market, July 4th Parade – Food Truck Thursdays start on April 26th which is MJCC Day.  On May 3, the City will be the sponsor with 80’s music. It will run through October 25th ending with a Truck or Treat.  The Farmers market had a meeting with the vendors and will start with Cinco de 5th on May 5th. There will be no naturalization ceremony at the July 4th parade this year.  The winner of Dunwoody Idol will perform. 

Legislative Update, Nancy Jester, DeKalb County District 1 County Commissioner – DeKalb County Water/Sewer is under a Federal Consent Decree for eight years and we are currently at year six. We spilled over 14 million gallons of sewage in 2017. We have a leaky system that allows ground water to infiltrate.  Some of the 33 basins do not have a problem.  Fats, oils and grease(FOG) are the biggest problem and the biggest contributor of FOG are multi family dwellings.  They are working on a new ordinance that would require grease traps for multifamily communities.  Nancy Jester is considering donating part of her salary increase to fire and police if allowed.

Dunwoody Womans Club Home Tour sponsorship, Gerri Penn – Gerri asked the Board to approve a $1,000.00 sponsorship as budgeted.  She also suggested revamping our ad to include the things that DHA sponsors.

Board Only Discussion and Vote

Dunwoody Womans Club Home Tour Sponsorship – Bill Grossman moved to approve and Bob Barnwell seconded and it was approved unanimously.

Respectfully submitted by,

Gerri Penn, Recording Secretary