Announcements and Introductions of Distinguished Visitors

Adrienne acknowledged DeKalb County Commissioner Nancy Jester and Dunwoody City Councilman Tom Lambert.


The Minutes from March 10, 2019 were approved unanimously with a motion from Su Ellis and a second from Bill Grossman.

Community Updates

Roberts Drive – We originally voted to oppose this rezoning.  Since then the neighbors have come to an agreement with the developer.  Dave Haverty and his wife, owners of the Swancy Farmhouse are quite upset about how this project negatively impacts their home and lives.  He and his wife are against this project.  The developer would be wrapping a road around their house.  Unfortunately they did not come to previous DHA meetings about this. The vote is on April 22nd.

I 285 Toll Lanes – Sally Harrell and Lynn Deutsch want to fight it. It seems like Mike Wilensky is on the same page. April 18th Brookhaven is having a Town Hall on this issue and Sabrina will try and make it.

Sponsorship Request:  Dunwoody Woman’s Club 2019 Home Tour

Gerri Penn made the request for a $1,000.00 sponsorship as DHA has done in the past.

Dunwoody Farmers Market  

Brandon Smith is the new manager.  Christy Murray is helping with management.  Edward Hunter will be on site.  It starts on May 4th from 8:30-noon. It will be in the same location.  We need volunteers and have yard signs for distribution.  The web site is

Dunwoody HS – more trailers, fewer trees

Adrienne did not hear back from the School District. Nancy Jester explained some of the past problems with corruption back in 2005 with the School District misusing SPLOST money.  SB 84 limits what Board members can say and do so Stan is limited.  In 2016 it was determined that Board members have first amendment rights.  Stan Jester does have a blog with information.  Board members cannot talk to anyone other than the Superintendent.  Nancy suggested that parents need to go to Board meetings and speak.  She also addressed the fact that the School District is required to get permits from DeKalb County and must meet DeKalb County codes.  She said that is not the case with the City of Dunwoody. She feels the city should take a more aggressive tact.  Tom Lambert is frustrated and feels the underlying issue is that the school system has not managed enrollment and their projections well.  Projections were pretty close on DHS.  As far as what the City can do for leverage, the city Attorney said the City cannot enforce anything on school property.  Tom is trying to get information on what the City can do.  He suggested sending emails to council members and speaking at council meetings during Public Comment.  A suggestion was made to ask the City to cancel the MOU.


Donation of AED Device to Dunwoody

We will need a second vote as they cost more than what we approved, 

DWC Home Tour Sponsorship

Need to vote on this next meeting.  The deadline is June 30th.

Roberts Drive Discussion

Unfortunately, the Haverty’s waited to the last minute to contact us.  Stacey Harris updated us from the Public Hearing on this and Fairfield did not vote to approve this rezoning and Dunwoody Knoll is unhappy with this rezoning and spoke against it.  The Haverty’s spoke against it as well.  Bill Grossman and Su Ellis will speak as individuals against this rezoning but not representing the DHA Board.

Discussion for next meeting – Can we take a stance on DHS and honoring Dick Williams

Respectfully submitted by, Gerri Penn, DHA Recording Secretary