Paul Ruhmkorff called the meeting to order at 7:30.


Nick Nicodemus thanked Dick Williams and the CRIER for the support for the 4th of July parade and making it the best parade ever.

Presentation for Brook Run use by athletes—no report

Tree Cutting behind Wal-Mart—Bill Grossman reported that Ashford Chase was concerned about tree cutting and retaining wall and they have hired a lawyer. Pictures were passed around. Another issue is that Gables Apartment buffer may have been disturbed. He would like to bring this up to Comm. Boyer at meeting tomorrow and Chuck indicated that he would call and ask if this could be brought up at meeting already arranged about another matter.

Request for parkland dedication—Paul Ruhmkorff reported that Joyce Amacher, Dunwoody Preservation Trust and Don Boyken, DHA, had written a letter to the owners of property on Vermack Road asking them to donate to DPT part of the parcel for a park. No response at this time.

Georgetown--Claude Murphy/ Donald Fleming—Concerned about a collector distributor lane on north side of I-285 between Chamblee Dunwoody Rd. and Ashford Dunwoody Rd. Concept & maps were available. They feel that this issue is coming up again and would like DHA support in going before commissioners and telling them that they do not want any additional lanes on north side of I-285 between Chamblee Dunwoody and Ashford Dunwoody. They would like to know the DHA's position. Because no plans are being presented to the Commissioners or the County there was nothing to discuss and vote on. (Editor's Note: Upon review of minutes of previous DHA meetings on this website , the previous plans were shelved before the DHA took a position in 2000.) As soon as this is officially brought to the county as a potential action, the DHA will review the proposal before making a public statement regarding this matter.



Mt. Vernon Zoning at Triangle—Goes to vote on Tuesday. There is a meeting on Monday with developers, Comm. Boyer, and DHA. In meeting last week we made it clear that we wanted residential, two story and conformity with Overlay District. This will probably be deferred so that they can come up with residential plan. After much discussion, decision was made to stay with motion as passed at last meeting.


Peachtree Dunwoody Rd.--Roberts Properties--approved as modified. Will discuss after Don gets back.

SIGNAGE: Ken Wright

Ken is still picking up signs on Saturday morning.

Proposed DeKalb County Sign Ordinance--Passed

Large signs on Mt. Vernon have been removed except at the Blue House.

Critter Crazy has stopped putting out signs.

High Cotton—still has banner up after 4 months. Don sent letter to Regency regarding signage conditions at Dunwoody Hall.

Sidewalk in front of High Cotton—has pole in middle—sidewalks stops and starts again. Action: Bob Lundsten will call John Euart about sidewalk.

Plato’s Closet—Black cloth awning over each window with lettering on center awning. Williamsburg color palette was used.

Ace Hardware Replacement Sign—Still working on this.

Deputy Program—Margot Cole is waiting for next class. Copies of paper work are in office if anyone wants to join deputy program.


Chuck took himself out of nomination at first meeting. At next meeting, should know slate of officers.

Park Bond Referendum—Of 20 million, 16 million went to Arabia Mountain. Bill Grossman reported that the Blue House had been submitted to county for park. After discussion, three other properties were designated to be submitted: Tilly Mill/ Mt. Vernon, Vermack property, and Happy Hollow between Coldstream and Dunwoody Club Drive. Action: Bill Grossman will continue to work on this.


Joe Kane and Noah Byrd are getting lists of subdivisions. Charlene reported that our database contains 118 subdivisions and we have information of e-mail addresses of Homeowner Association presidents' on 60.

OVERLAY—Bill Phillips

Bill Kennedy will prepare final version of ordinance and it will start its way into the DeKalb process. Bill will bring to Board in September. In the discussion, concern was expressed about parking requirements and the effect on redevelopment.


DHA award for local merchants—Bill Phillips handed out an outline for award and asked members to make comments and fax to office for him to pick up.


Doing a good job. They have several grants to do studies. He thinks it will benefit our community.


House on Roberts Drive—No longer a business.

Church of Scientology—the DHA wants to ensure there are no zoning violations that would set a precedent and will write letter to county regarding this.


DPT is working on archives and will do Story of Dunwoody Part II. Elizabeth Davis and Ethel Spruill wrote Story of Dunwoody 1821-1975. Lynne Byrd is chairing overall project, and Joyce is doing part on DHA. Each president will be asked to write a report on his term of office. She requested that DHA host a dinner to honor the DHA presidents for the last 30+ years and to support the writing of history of Dunwoody since 1975. September 30 is best date and $2,000 is needed to host this event. Motion was made to spend $2,000 to honor past presidents and the writing of history of Dunwoody. It was seconded and motion carried.


Bill Brown had map for East/West Transit Study available for members to see. A presentation will be made next month.

Meeting was adjourned.