Community Notes and Presentations:

Presentations were made by:

  • Bob Wilson
  • Cynthia Van Auken
  • Carol Handel
  • Jill Chambers

All four were standing for office at the upcoming elections and sought the support of those present.


Updates were given on

1. North Atlanta Church: Negotiations continue and a deal between the church and local residents is imminent.

2 Davis Academy: Discussions continue between DHA, the school and GA DOT. One access to the school off Roberts Drive and the relocation of the Dunwoody Club Drive/Spalding Drive intersection is proposed. Negotiations for the sale of the residential property in between the two roads is ongoing and no final plan will emerge until this sale is closed.


American Brake - Meeting with land owner is being worked on.

Realty Signs - Some complaints have been received but pressure will be kept up to avoid plethora of signs. Clarification to be sought from DeKalb legal department on validity of open house signs at weekends.


Concern was expressed by Jerry Ling at the lack of progress on meeting our 2002 goals. Also the absence of reports to the Board limits discussion on possible solutions.

Perimeter CID:

No Report:

Overlay District:

The Dunwoody Overlay District Map was approved by the Community Council in public forum. The planning commission is the next public meeting and will be held on September 10. It will go to the commissioners meeting on September 24. No problems are envisaged. We have an assurance from Elaine Boyer that if there is a problem with Candler Road or Stonecrest, that would cause a delay, then Dunwoody will be uncoupled from these other two districts and passed.

The implementation committee is being assembled and will meet after Labor day weekend.

Brook Run:

A stake holders meeting has been held and a public meeting is planned at Dunwoody High School in mid September to progress the master plan.

Next Meeting:

Because of the Labor Day weekend the next Board meeting will be held 9/8/02

The meeting was adjourned at 8 15 p.m.