1. Call to order: Ken Wright called to order the regular meeting of the DHA at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday August 1st, 2004 in DeKalb Cultural Arts Center room 4 - 5339 Chamblee-Dunwoody Road.

2. Attendance sheet: An attendance sheet was passed around to record attendance.

3. Approval of minutes from last meeting: The minutes were approved.

4. Open issues

  • Overlay District- Amendment to allow personal services in O&I- Bob Lundsten update
  • Dekalb county legal review still in progress.
  • Peachland Homes- Peeler Road development (Ty White)
  • DHA and Peachland still working on arrangement

5. New business

  • Zoning Issue Presentations
    • Wal-Mart- Ashford Dunwoody Road: Application has been filed, Wal-Mart and DHA have negotiated the following: brick facade, rod iron and brick fence around garden area, new landscape plan, eliminate tire lube, new area parking lights that shine down and away from houses, no outdoor storing or selling of merchandise excluding 90 day seasonal allowance, new security cameras, redesign of traffic lot for traffic flow, any additional items have been agreed to.
    • The DHA voted to approve this application on condition of agreed upon terms.
      Community Notes and Presentations
  • Saundra Davis- Running for Judge DeKalb State Court
  • Kathie Gannon – Running for Dekalb Commission
  • Jeryl Rosh- Running for judge
  • Jeff Brickman- DeKalb DA
  • Marta Speeding Issue on Chamblee Dunwoody/Austin School-Al Tiede
    • Al will continue to work this issue and report back to the Board
  • New Peachtree Middle School update- Dan Weber
    • No report
  • Mt Vernon/Ashford Dunwoody RD intersection- Gordon Jackson
    • Meeting with PCID in and commissioners/ staff in Decatur next week to include Fran, Ken, Bob and Gordon.
  • Code infractions- Gerri
    • Is developing 2 letters regarding the overlay district to area businesses.
  • Brook Run - Update – Nick
    • Children’s Adventure Garden 2 update- No Report
      Messages & Updates from the President- Ken Wright
  • Welcome Celeste Webb to the board.
    • Celeste will be helping with the web site and communications.
    • Ken passed the gavel to Brain Smith and moved to approve $600 to clean up the sidewalk on the North side of Mount Vernon, just east of SunTrust. Over 2 feet of sidewalk has been neglected, grown over during the past decade or so
    • Board approved motion
  • Overlay District – Bill Phillips – Status Update
    • Ken reported to board for Bill on EDAW Overlay district project.
    • Board moved to proceed with EDAW and get pricing quotes and further details.
      Light Up Dunwoody – Margot Cole –Update
    • Committee is gearing up and scheduled event dates are:
    • Saturday November 20th will be the lighting and night events
    • Sunday November 21st will be the parade
  • Communications – Monthly updates – Bill Robinson 4th July parade Rap up (Great job & Thanks to Bill & Nick and all others involved)
    • Awarded Ken Wright with a Certificate of Appreciation for working with the Rangers
    • 171 entries, 136 last year
    • Exceeded 2000 individuals as part of parade
    • Crier and DHA estimates 25,000 people in attendance
    • Sherman is up for writing next Crier article
    • Dunwoody Nature Center wrote a very nice letter to DHA for financial support
  • Membership– Sherman Dudley
    • No Report
  • PDK Discussion – Gerri Penn
    • Tuesday August 3rd @ 9:00 is a commission vote on resurfacing of the runway. Concerns include allowing heavier aircraft if this is passed.
  • Board discussions & Votes
    • $600 to fund Mt Vernon sidewalk cleanup.
    • Wal-Mart – Passed with DHA conditions
    • DHA to get quotes and further discussions with EDAW on Overlay work

5. Adjournment: Ken Wright adjourned the meeting at 9:20 p.m.