1. Approval of Minutes from July 2, 2006.

Upon motion, and second, the minutes were approved unanimously.

2. Zoning and Development:

a. Fulton Update. Representative Dave Greenspan reported on several topics.

i. “The Swamp” property on Dunwoody Club Drive has been rezoned for one home.

ii. An apartment inspection ordinance was passed. It should help control occupancy numbers.

iii. A shared-use agreement with the Parks Department and Board of Education is progressing.

iv. Spalding Drive will not be widened even though a portion of it is on the Top 30 Most Congested Roads in Georgia list.

v. The Kessler hotel project has a 60-day deferral.

b. Ash.-Dwdy/ Mt. Vernon update. Bill Grossman reported that the project may start in November. They are choosing lighting that will fit with the Dunwoody character, be installed by Georgia Power, and maintained by DeKalb County.

c. Sean Doughtie of Mayfield Homes, LLC presented conceptual plans for a small development of upscale homes (High $900K - $1.2M) on Mt. Vernon Place. He does not believe he will need rezoning or variances.

d. Nick Nicodemus will meet with Warren Jolly this week to discuss redevelopment in Dunwoody Village.

3. Dennis Crean reported on infrastructure improvements and DeKalb County’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan. Discussion included real (funded) and potential improvements in bicycle lanes, sidewalks, road widening, multi-use trails, operational safety (eg: traffic signals), and transit needs in the community.

4. The Dunwoody street topper is not allowed in the Dunwoody portion of Sandy Springs per Sandy Springs Council vote approving only the Sandy Springs Topper.

5. Gerri Penn spoke with the head of DeKalb County Code Enforcement. She reports that all banners hung in DeKalb County require permits. To report an illegal banner call 404-417-1240 and provide the exact street address of the potential violator. Banners in the area are becoming more prevalent and detract from the visual appeal of the community.

6. Community Affairs:

a. Jan Akers thanked all who helped with the July 4 parade. The board thanked Jan and co-chair Pam Tallmadge for their leadership. It was a great event.

b. There was no update on Light Up Dunwoody.

7. Barbara Dodds reports that the PDK fleet mix has been challenged. The PDK Master Plan can’t go forward until this is finalized.

8. Nick Nicodemus reports that we need the community’s help in keeping Brook Run Park a clean and attractive place to visit.

9. Messages and Updates from President:

a. By motion, and second, Bill Grossman was nominated to be DHA’s Sandy Springs Zoning Coordinator. The motion passed unanimously.

b. By motion, and second, a replacement computer for the DHA administrative office was funded. The motion passed unanimously.

c. Work continues on the concept of a DHA new member mailing.

d. The next DHA meeting is September 10 due to Labor Day conflict.

10. Board Discussion

a. Al Tiede is preparing a Dunwoody Topper ad for the Crier.

b. Fran Millar reports that City of Dunwoody committee meetings have started again. Fran asks assistance in keeping political signs out of right-of-ways.

11. Upon motion, second, and approval, the meeting was adjourned.