Bill Grossman, President, called the meeting to order. He welcomed Board members and visitors and ascertained that there were enough Board members present for a quorum. Those Board members in attendance were Larry Adams, Kent Brooks, Rick Callihan, Greg Crnkovich, Barbara Dodds, Tom Dwyer, Bob Fiscella, Bill Grossman, Susan Harper, Renate Herod, Gerri Penn, Bill Robinson, Jean Williams, and Lisa Woody.

Announcements and Political Campaign Speakers – Eric Christ spoke very briefly and said that he is running for State Senate District 40’s vacated seat. He lives in Peachtree Corners. Bill Grossman introduced two of our new Board Members, Tom Dwyer and Rick Callihan.
Approval of Minutes – The minutes for the July 11, 2010 Regular Board Meeting were approved as amended to add Board members in attendance and correct that Joe Tuttle is a Board member and not ex officio.
Community Affairs

  • Presentation about First Annual RunDunwoody a Rotary Race to Serve – Kelly Hundley of the Rotary Club told us that on October 24, 2010 they will have a 5K race, Kids Fun Run and Tot Trot. That is the weekend of the Chamber of Commerce’s Music Festival and they are working with the Chamber. They would like us to join them in promoting the event. They feel this will make Dunwoody a better place to live. Proceeds from this year’s event will go to the first responders, the police and fire departments. Their vision is to create a source of funds to go back to the community through grants where the proceeds will help those in need. They are asking DHA to promote this event through our web site and by becoming a Family Festival sponsor. We would get our own tent to show off our organization. They are hoping to gross $35,000.00 and the event will cost approximately $12,000.00. It will be held at Perimeter Place shopping center and go from Target to the Flyover and back.
  • Parade Committee review and recommendations for next year – Bill Robinson said the July 4th Parade Committee met this afternoon to review this year’s parade and start planning for next year. He said that DHA has been involved with the parade since 1991. The parade made a profit this year. Trash on the route has become a problem for the volunteers and they are going to put out an RFP for next year’s parade to handle the trash issue. A motorcycle club was to precede the parade and they had expected a large number of riders, but there were only 7 riders and it was confusing to the crowd. The motorcycles won’t be back next year. Bill also said that Randy Collins, an Executive Board member, resigned. The Nominating Committee that consists of Bill Robinson, Barbara Dodds and Jean Williams will meet to nominate someone for Randy’s position. Bill asked if anyone is interested to talk to him after the meeting.
  • Presentation from the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce about the Dunwoody Music Festival – Bill Grant, CEO of the Chamber, said that last year they had a Fall Festival and even though the weather was lousy, they did well. Last year it was a one day Festival but this year it will be a two day event and be a Music Festival. Bill introduced the Chair of the Music Festival, M J Thomas, who spoke to us about it. M J said there will be a Chili Cook Off again this year. The Festival will be at Brook Run Park and this event will be part of the City’s Park Inauguration. It starts on Sat., October 23rd and there will be 36 hours of music. On the night of Oct. 23rd, the City will launch the new City Brand followed by Fireworks. There will be a kid zone, beer garden, local restaurants providing food. They would like the local non profits to be involved. If a group or business sponsors both the RunDunwoody and the Music Festival, they will be an Ambassador. They hope to have enough profits to give to our local schools to help support their music programs. The fee to go to the Festival is $10.00 a day or $15.00 for both days during the pre sale period. They would like our help in promoting the Festival.
  • Code Enforcement – Gerri reported that Code Enforcement conducted a sign sweep on July 26th, on the major roads in Dunwoody. They picked up 161 signs on the right of way, with most being realtor signs. So far this year they have given out 12 citations. Courtesy warnings are still very strong with 3-4 given out before someone complies. Tom LaPenna feels that both warnings and citations will increase once the Sign Ordinance is adopted in October. The Apartment Sweep Program began June 30th with two year old Walton AshWood Apartments, a 1 building 160 unit apartment complex. They found 40 violations and they received a list of ways to comply and a time limit. The next sweep was on July 28th at 2 Blocks Apartments. North Chase Apartments have a new owner, Courtland Partners, and the new management company is Wording. They are planning to spend $2,000,000.00 on the apartments in addition to the million the previous owner spent. The City Council passed an ordinance that will allow for third party inspection of the interior of all apartments. All units must be inspected in order for them to get their 2011 business license. Gerri reported that Code Enforcement closed down two restaurants being operated in North Chase. Bob Lundsten said that he heard it on good authority that the long term plans for the apartments on Peachtree Industrial is for them to be torn down. Bob also brought up the property on the corner of N. Peachtree and Tilly Mill that has been clear cut and has no silt fencing and that it is eroding onto the sidewalk. Lastly, Bob spoke about the sign ordinance and said Council did not pass the sign ordinance and it will now go full cycle and encouraged people to read the ordinance and show up at the Community Council, Planning Commission and City Council meetings.

Messages and Updates from the President

  • Wendy’s Perimeter Pointe: update – Bill Grossman said that the Sandy Springs City Council approved this application over the objection of Homeowner Associations.
  • City of Dunwoody Alcohol sales distance requirement from Single family housing: update – An amendment was proposed by a member of City Council to reduce the 200 yard distance from single family residential when selling up to 20% alcohol by volume sales of packaged distilled spirits if at least 50% of the gross income is from food sales and/or pharmaceutical sales. This was proposed at the request of one business, the New York Butcher Shop. Bill Grossman suggested that instead of an amendment such requests should be for either a SLUP or variance request. Councilman John Heneghan does not think it will pass at the second read. Bob feels it should go before the ZBA.
  • Light Up Dunwoody 2010 – Bill Grossman announced that Renate is chairing this committee. This will be a scaled down LUD. Santa will be at the Farmhouse and the tree will be at either the Farmhouse or the pocket park at Ashford Dunwoody and Mt. Vernon Rds.
  • Political Candidate Fall Forum Event subcommittee – Bill G. said we did not do a Political Forum for the primary and said we need volunteers to help with organizing a Forum for the fall elections. Bill G. asked Bill R. to check on availability of a room at DUMC. Bill R. said that DHA started 40 years ago this month. He also announced that the Annual Meeting is January 9, 2011 at DUMC. At this point in the meeting Bill Grossman asked all guests to leave for our Board only discussion.

Board only discussion:

  • Executive committee meeting update and recommendations on fiscal policy – We looked at budget figures over the past few years. The Executive Board is going to meet again and work on the budget to present to the full Board.
  • Votes as needed on motions
    • RunDunwoody sponsorship – Family Festival sponsorship is from $100.00 - $750.00. We would get a tent for our use at this level of sponsorship. Bill Robinson stated that in the past our donations were not to exceed $500.00 each except for this year. Bill Robinson made a motion to donate $500.00 for a Family Festival sponsorship. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
    • Music Festival – We are going to wait until our September meeting to vote on monetary sponsorship. Bill G. said that we can e-mail our membership to promote the festival and also have a link on our web site. Barbara asked why as a non profit organization we are donating to other non profits. Bill G. said it has been a tradition. Bill R. said it started when a couple of non profits were in dire straits and so DHA helped them with a donation. Then we started getting other requests and that is when they had to limit the donation amount to $500.00. Bill Grossman wants to be open with the Board on our funds and budget but does not want the information out in the public. Barbara does not want to be the guardian of expenditures.

There was a motion to adjourn the meeting that was seconded and passed unanimously.