President Stacey Harris opened the meeting and thanked City Councilmen John Heneghan and Terry Nall and State Senator Fran Millar for attending. Executive board member Jim Redovian announced the Tim Redovian Memorial Foundation will have a concert at DUMC on Saturday, August 17. Board member Alan Mothner asked for Volunteers for the DNC Butterfly Festival.

Minutes for the July board meeting were approved as submitted.

DPD Officer Tim Fecht made a presentation on public safety including Neighborhood Watch, crime statistics and the Code Red warning system. Alarm calls are up 12% over last year; but should be moderated by the new false alarm ordinance now in place. Violent crimes are down 11.8% for the year.

President Stacey Harris led a discussion on the Zoning code re-write. Issues discussed included Tree ordinance, stream buffers, concurrent variances and home based businesses. Later in the board only session a motion to oppose concurrent variances passed. A second motion passed to oppose allowing customer contact in a home based business administratively, i.e.: any customer contact in a home based business must continue to go through the SLUP public hearing process.

President Harris announced a candidate forum will be held on October 17 at Dunwoody High School.

The DHA 2014 Membership drive planned for October was discussed.

President Harris adjourned the meeting.