1. Announcements and introduction of distinguished visitors:
    All City Council members attended minus Dennis Shortal
  2. Approval of minutes for July 12, 2015 meeting—Joe Tuttle
  3. Presentation/Discussion PCID Master Plan – Leslie Oberholtzer and Kirk Bishop
    Oberholtzer from CodaMetrics a Chicago planning firm and Bishop from Duncan Associates in Chicago, are lead consultants for the PCID. They were due to present their data to council Monday but agreed to preview with DHA. They discussed and illustrated four distinct zoning levels. The zones specified building heights-from 2 to 35 stories-depending on proximity to residential housing and appropriate commercial density.
  4. Revised plan for condos on Dunwoody Village Parkway – Lonnie Moss
    Moss revealed yet another project revision based on feedback from the city council regarding accommodations for seniors. This version scaled back units from 81 to 68 making them larger, many with main floor masters. Moss was seeking support before revealing his new plan to Council. He has complied with the signed DHA agreement, secured the favor of neighbors and the city planning board yet the city council continues to reject his proposals.
  5. Discussion of holiday decorations and collaboration with the city – Robert Wittenstein
    Robert asked the council members in attendance if they would consider supporting costs of decorating, police coverage and waiving city fees. (Update: City Council did vote on 9/28 to make “Light Up” a signature event, which eliminates the fees and provides police support).
  6. Request for sponsorship for Dunwoody Elementary School – Megan Cann ($300 included in 2015 budget)

Board only session: Votes as needed on any motions including:
Authorization to fund Dunwoody Elementary School. Unanimously approved for the $300 amount budgeted.