WELCOME – Adrienne announced that the agenda is out of order so that Grubb Properties can present first due to the fact they have a flight to catch.

PRESENTATION BY GRUBB PROPERTIES – Andrew Rosti presented the redrawn plans for 41, 47, and 53 Perimeter Center East.  The new plan has reduced the residential units from 1,200 to 900 and the office tower will be 500,000 square feet and no rentals. Now it will be an all owner for sale effort. They are seeking a PC2 zoning. There will be a two acre green space.  They added a street scape and more green space. They ran a DRI, traffic study, last year and do not feel the need to do it again as there are fewer units.  Having less units will also shrink the impact on schools. They are building in phases and the park will be developed after Phase 1, residential.  The office tower will be Phase 2. They can’t begin construction until 50% of residential of Phase 1 are presold. Only 10% will be three bedrooms and there will be more two bedrooms than one bedrooms. They said that allowing 10% rentals might be doable. The parking deck will not be connected to buildings and will have the same skin as the buildings.  David Kirk, Grubb Attorney, said they are asking for two SLUPS to bring the buildings closer to the street.

ANNOUNCEMENTS AND INTROUCTION OF DISTINGUISHED VISITORS – Adrienne introduced City Councilmen John Heneghan and Terry Nall.

INTRODUCTION OF NEW BOARD MEMBER – Adrienne welcomed Tim Brown to the Board.

INTRODUCTION OF CANDIDATES FOR OFFICE – No candidates were in attendance.

APPROVAL OF JULY MINUTES – Robert Wittenstein moved to approve and Su Ellis seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved unanimously.

FUNDING REQUEST:  DUNWOODY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – Marissa Evans said they have improved cafeteria sound systems with previous donations.  They are asking for our support for future improvements.

FUNDING REQUEST: KOSHER BARBECUE – Jody Pollock said the event has been in Brook Run Park for 3 years.  Due to Brook Run construction, it will be at City Springs this year.  City Springs is charging them $2,200.00.  They need help to subsidize Police entries.  The funds go to JELF, the Jewish Educational Loan Fund. The Kosher Barbecue will be on Sunday, Oct. 21, 11:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


FUNDING DUNWOODY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – Bob Barnwell moved to approve $1,000.00 donation and Amy Swygert seconded the motion.  Approved unanimously.

FUNDING KOSHER BARBECUE – Bob Barnwell motioned to deny a donation and it was seconded by Bill Robinson.  Nine voted to approve the motion and four were opposed.  The motion passed.

SEPTEMBER 9TH BOARD MEETING – Adrienne announced that the meeting will be moved to September 16th since September 9th is the beginning of Rosh Hashanah.

CANDIDATE FORUM – It is tentatively October 28th. Robert Wittenstein, John Sparks and Adrienne are working on it and if interested in helping, please email Adrienne.

ENDORESEMENT OF GRUBB’S NEW DEVELOPMENT PLAN – There was discussion about traffic and infrastructure. There was also discussion about a contract with Grubb addressing our concerns for them to get DHA support.  Kerry would like us to work with them.  Bob Barnwell motioned to defer and motion was withdrawn.  Bill Grossman made a motion for the Executive Board to continue discussion with Grubb Properties and it was seconded by Kerry de Vallette.  It was approved unanimously.

Respectfully submitted by,

Gerri Penn, Recording Secretary