Announcements and introductions:

  • Adrienne announced all city permitting is suspended until Dec. 31st. The Farmer Market would be able to continue because it is food related, but this is not good for food trucks.


Dunwoody Village: a meeting regarding this is August 10.  The staff decided not to include recommendations from the planning commission such as buffers in this meeting. The staff agrees on buffers for the western buffer zone, but they are not inclined to provide protections for the two homes behind the public grocery store.

Colonial pipeline buffer will remain at 100ft. Bill Grossman says they should preserve the original buffer which is larger.   He says the planning commission agrees with DHA, the DHA will need to make it clear to the city council. The staff knows what DHA wants regarding buffers.

Rob Wittenstein points out that the staff is arguing for smaller buffers because that is the standard in other communities.

Tom Taylor believes the council is supportive of larger buffers but does not know how they will vote.

Bill Grossman said 1st read is August 10th

Food Trucks: Adrienne will post the bad news on the website that we will not be able to have food trucks this year.

Charter Commission: Tom Taylor Explains that the commission is a review process to be done every 5 years. The committee has no power but will recommend to the council changes to the city charter. Any changes to the city charter would then need to go to the state legislatures for a vote. This process can be a highly political process. Someone in the past offered bribe to get something in the charter they wanted. To make this more complicated this charter review comes at the same time as redistricting. The charter review meeting is 8/3/2020

Educate Dunwoody- Ms. Lamas says there is not much to report. Only that schools are trying to get set up for distant learning. Schools are looking for viable alternatives to in class learning. The school board is getting set up as well. Discussion on “pod learning groups” and the potential disadvantage for children with disabilities.

Board only:

Discussed the details of the letter to the city regarding rising crime and gang activity

Light up Dunwoody activities would need to be curtailed given permitting issues.

Suggestion a virtual light up Dunwoody. Military band said they would be ready to play if needed. Amy S. suggested having Santa on a firetruck on a tour around Dunwoody neighborhoods. No Santa lap sitting this year. But a “Norad“ type of event where announcements of Santa’s location in the city. People will know to come out of their homes to greet Santa as he goes by. Many on the board liked this idea.

Candidate forum: will be virtual. Questions will come in from the community some discussion about holiday conflicts in terms of timing of the event.

Gerry Pen asked about public signage and code violations. Code laws do not apply to the city so they cannot be in violation. After much discussion on abilities of the city to put up signage the meeting was adjourned at 8:28pm