Bob Fiscella called the meeting got order at 7:30pm. Location is the meeting was the Dunwoody City
Annex on N. Shallowford Rd.
Public official in attendance were Robert Patrick District 1 Dekalb County Commissioner.
November minutes approved

Robert Patrick hand handouts regarding projects for his update and presentation.
His main points of topics were:
 Water tank and Waterline repairs that are scheduled in District 1
 Upsizing sewer system 18” to 24”
 A master plan for new sidewalks. He is working an approval
 Traffic counts for future road improvements & development
 Covid19 vaccination cash incentives. Approx 2000 People received the federally funded
 Dekalb county Vaccination rate is 57% and Dunwoody is over 70%
He encourages anyone can contact him directly if trash is not picked up.
Capital improvements were approved. There is a 7 year deadline to get items fixed. He discussed
unincorporated areas of DeKalb County that also had several projects. Approx. cost 350 million.
Also, money is to spend on new uniforms and equipment upgrades like new tired for county vehicles.
Tom Taylor asked about new cities and the level of service. He said 20% of district 1 is still
Adrienne Duncan asked High Street and the sewer improvement plan. He said no application are in for
that yet.
Bob Barnwell Asked about the long recording you have to listen to before the call goes though. He said
this is a priority for him to address
Bill Gross- Wish List Items Murals, Painting the tanks and a park on Winters Chapel.
Bob Fiscella asked about redistricting. Patrick said his staff has three maps and they are trying to keep
district 1 as it is. There is a meeting scheduled Thursday 9 and the 16 th @ 9am. District 1 is the fastest
growing and population changes will affect the map
Sue Ellen- Farmer’s market- She has a proposal from Kirsten Simmons to manage the Farmers market.
Some discussion regarding the current manager Brandon and how this might impact him vs the
advantages to changing.
Tom Taylor said there will be three way run off for Governor: Perdue, Kemp and Jones.
Light up Dunwoody update: The organizers said it was a great turn out. Weather. They hope it will be
even better next year.

Meeting Minutes Sunday, December 5th 2021
Adrienne Duncan had the 2022 budget handout. We need to replenish the rainy-day funds. We used 30k
for the legal fees regarding the village buffer matter. We discussed how the fund raisers will go out.
Direct mailing and social media.
The 4 th of July parade needs to be refreshed. Matt Webber will begin to move on his new ideas for next
summers event. Discussion on selling sponsorships. How the City Dunwoody is involved.
DHA brand awareness conversation. Tom Taylor pointed out so many new homeowners do not know
they live in Dunwoody. They view the area as Atlanta.
The Farmer’s Market Proposal discussion in detail regarding the finances. This is profitable event.
Discussion about talking to the current manager, Brandon. No vote on the matter until we speak with
Brandon. But Sue Ellen needs to be able to tell Kirsten something regarding her proposal.
Adrienne Duncan: We need a new laptop, and she wants to move everything to QuickBooks online.
Meeting adjourned
Next Meeting Sunday January 9 th 2022—Same place Same time