Zoning/Development Issues /Presentations

  • Chattahoochee Raw Water Transmission Main Project: Ken reported that the Ted Reinhardt and the County has agreed to review each neighbor’s concerns regarding the restoration of the yards that are damaged and disturbed by the installation of the new water main line. This is as a result of our intervention with the County to go above and beyond the standard county obligation.
  • O/I Code change; eliminating the residential component to the O/I District: Bob Lundsten reported that a request has been made to the County Attorney’ s Office by Commissioner Boyer and Yates to seek elimination or the residential use with in the O/I zoning district. The code currently allows for the construction of a 5-story apartment complex on any O/I zoned parcels. This is a particular concern for Dunwoody Village, which is currently surrounded by low density O/I. Under the current code, these parcels can be redeveloped for apartments without a rezoning hearing.
  • Overlay District: Bill Phillips reported that he is working with our attorneys to draft an amendment to the Overlay District that would allow for a “sunshine clause” to be put into place regarding compliance with the new Dunwoody Village Overlay District sign code. Based on the age of the sign a time frame for up to nine years was suggested to give current businesses to come into compliance with the code. Several members voiced concern that the time frame is too long and needs to be shortened. Bill will take our comments back to the attorneys. Copies of the request will be sent to Commissioners Gannon and Boyer.

    Bill also brought up a concern over the use of copper roofing material in the OD. It is prohibited by the code. Several board members did not understand the objection as they thought the copper roof was OK and not objectionable. We will revisit the roof agenda at a later meeting.

    Sidewalks being installed on east side of Chamblee Dunwoody; Dunwoody Village, part of DHA submitted infrastructure needs list for past 2 years. Funding from past years HOST projects. Sidewalks are not in compliance with the OD but can be retrofitted when additional funds are made available. If we had stopped this project over compliance, we would have risked losing ANY sidewalks on this section of Chamblee Dunwoody Road.

  • Sidewalk Demonstration Projects: BP is complete and will not be redesigning its streetscape to the suggested plans as submitted by EDAW. BBT appears at if it will be in compliance. Bill Phillips is meeting with the Madison developer this Friday to discuss the plans. A committee is to be set up to research sources of funding for streetscapes in the OD.
  • Marta speeding issue: No update.
  • School Update: Ken and Chip will be meeting with the School board representatives to discuss the moving of the growing student population that is in the Perimeter area to the Montgomery School inside of I-285. While Austin is overcrowded now, the Montgomery school is not and the change could help balance our school problems in the short term. A motion was made and approved to support Ken in his discussions with the BOE
  • Mount Vernon Triangle: It has been communicated through Fran Millar and Ken to the PCID that the Mt Vernon triangle at Ashford Dunwoody Road is NOT the PCID entrance, but rather the entrance to Dunwoody. Ms. Williams of the PCID has agreed with that.
  • Lemonade Days: It was voted to approve a $500 sponsorship of the Lemonade Days fundraiser. That is the same amount as in years past.
  • Brook Run: No Update
  • Communications:
    Annual meeting date is set:
    Sunday January 23rd 2005 @ 2:00
    (Dunwoody United Methodist Church fellowship Hall)
  • Code Infractions: Gerri Penn reported that Officer Wallace has been informed of the current Code and sign violations. All future complaints will be handle by the issuance of a citation. No more warnings from officer Wallace.

    Gerri also expressed that this may be an opportunity for the DHA, as we can give a heads up by phone to those businesses or residents that are not in compliance BEFORE Officer Wallace appears.