1. Zoning/Development

a. 4000 Dunwoody Park Apartments
Joe Cannon of Keller Williams Realty (Atlanta Perimeter office) requests a letter from the DHA describing what type of building projects it would support at 4000 Dunwoody Park Dr. The property is currently zoned for 680 apartment units and is for sale. Board member discussion generally supported the desire to reduce the density of the project as well as converting the project from rental to owner occupied. The DHA welcomes and appreciates an opportunity to work with the purchaser once one is found.

b. 350 Apartments to Perimeter Center East
Steven Fusco of Epstein, Becker & Green, PC, with support of Joe Brockman of Lane & Co, asked for DHA support on three variance requests for the Lane project at Perimeter Center East. Those requests were:

i. Lower the transitional buffer requirements

ii. Lower parking requirements from 2.0/unit to 1.75/unit

iii. Reduce front set-back from 50 to 20 feet
Board member Bob Lundsten asked why the project can’t be built without the set-back variances. Others questioned why the project couldn’t be owner occupied.

c. Speed Signs
Al Tiede introduced Charlie Robeson, Director of Sales and Marketing for Radar Sign (www.radarsign.com). Mr. Robeson presented a $2300-$3000 traffic calming device which may be of interest to community members. Mr. Tiede will get promotional literature to area PTA’s for their consideration.

d. Old Marimay Property / Anchors Property
Bill Grossman reported that Dennis Crean will take the lead on DHA’s behalf for this project. Property owners have agreed to install sidewalks around the perimeter of the project. The design, although tasteful, will not be Williamsburg. Upscale landscaping is promised, but no formal landscape plan exists at this time.

e. Mt. Vernon / Ashford-Dunwoody Intersection
Ken Wright reports on behalf of Bill Phillips who is stepping down as Overlay chair. The project is 8-9 months out.

f. O&I Change in Language Update
Bob Lundsten is meeting with Commissioner Larry Johnson on Tuesday and CEO Vernon Jones on Wednesday to discuss the issue in detail.

2. Sidewalk/ Infrastructure Update
Dennis Crean reports there has been good progress in East Dunwoody. Sidewalk projects on Jett Ferry and Dunwoody Club (in front of the church) are complete. There is good progress on sidewalks on Happy Hollow and Winters Chapel roads.

3. Marketing Update

a. Celeste Webb reported the newsletter will be inserted in the Crier in January.

b. Ken Wright and the DHA board extends a sincere Thank You to Celeste Webb, Margot Cole, all committee members and the Dunwoody Crier for their leadership on a successful Light Up Dunwoody event.

4. Messages and Updates From The President

a. It was announced the January 29th annual meeting will be the only DHA meeting in January.

b. A discussion was held regarding the City of DeKalb-Dunwoody movement in progress. The board agreed to hear additional information on the individuals behind this movement before taking any pro or con stand. Don Boyken motioned that the DHA should allow Senator Weber a presentation at the DHA annual meeting as was allowed for The Sandy Springs Movement. The motion passed.

5. Reported Code Infractions: No report

6. Community Affairs: No report

7. PDK Update
Barbara Dodds reports that only 4 of the 50 promised documents have been provided. Some data has been analyzed.

8. Brook Run Update
Nick Nicodemus reports that Brook Run is in the final stages of 501c(3) incorporation.

9. Board Discussions and Votes

a. On agenda item 1a, the board unanimously supported a letter to read “ The DHA would prefer a reduction in density and a switch to owner occupied units in keeping with the Dunwoody Williamsburg style with the mix of building heights to remain as currently zoned."

b. On agenda item 1b, the board unanimously agreed it will not support any variances in the O&I district for apartments, including this one.