1. Upon motion, the minutes of the November meeting were approved by the Board.

2. Community Relations: Carrie Hancock presented to the Board on behalf of Odyssey of the Mind, which is a creative thinking competition for elementary and middle school students. The Board agreed to sponsor a group of children from Peachtree Middle School. At this time, no financial commitment was requested.

3. Zoning and Development

a. Fulton update: On December 21, the City Of Sandy Springs will vote on its Land Use Plan, which affects the Morgan Falls and Peachtree Dunwoody corridor. High density development is expected. Bill Grossman will contact Nancy Leathers to set up a meeting with the City to discuss DHA’s concerns.

b. City of Dunwoody update: The next community information meeting will be held at DUMC on December 14 from 6:30 to 8:30 P.M.

c. Carver Circle Development has been approved.

d. Tilly Mill assemblage: Gerri Penn reports that she has spoken with the owner, who maintains that the property is not for sale, but the sign is still up indicating that it is for sale. The owner states that she will work with DHA on conditions if the property is sold.

4. Community Pride: Barbara Dodds reports that we have sold all but 50 street sign toppers. The Board voted not to order another 150 toppers until the remaining 50 are sold.

5. Code Infractions: Gerri Penn reported on her meeting with Commissioner Boyer and Nancy Lawrence. The county is having a hard time retaining code enforcement officers and Dunwoody currently has less than half of the time of one officer. Bill Grant reported to Gerri Penn that Code Enforcement recently cited many businesses in Dunwoody Village for sign violations, which were difficult to interpret and confused many merchants.

6. Brook Run Conservancy: Bill Robinson reported that the 501(c)(3) has been finalized and officially approved.

7. President’s Message: Chip Franzoni reported that DHA needed 135 new members to break even on the cost of the direct mailing membership drive and that, to date, the drive has resulted in 804 new DHA members. Mr. Franzoni also reported that Jan Akers has agreed to be the DHA’s new Volunteer Coordinator.

8. Board Votes: An electronic proxy vote with a December 28 deadline was taken. The board approved the following:

I.) The Dunwoody Homeowners Association Board of Directors recommends that the Association’s members select Al Tiede and Bill Grossman as Elected Directors replacing Bob Lundsten and John Snelling whose terms have expired.

II.) The Dunwoody Homeowners Association Board of Directors recommends amending their By Laws, Article V, Section 1, Sentence 1 which starts with “The affairs of the Association shall be governed by a Board of Directors composed of twenty-five (25) persons all of whom must be a general Member in good standing…” to instead allow for thirty-five (35) persons all of whom must be a general Member in good standing. This change allows the Board to better serve the community.

III.) It is recommended that Gerri Penn be elected to the position of Elected Director, At Large, to fill the unexpired term of Celeste Webb who relocated. (This does not need a vote at the annual meeting. DHA By Laws state that “Vacancies in an office of the Association shall be filled by election by the Board of Directors; each officer so elected shall serve for the unexpired term of the office vacated.)

9. Miscellaneous: Warren Jolly has filed a proposal for a 5-story condominium development on Dunwoody Village Parkway (between Brewsters and Mt. Vernon). His attorney has informally indicated that the proposal was filed in order to meet a deadline and does not reflect the plans they actually have for the property. Chip Franzoni will make a formal request of David Bishop that the county withhold approval of any project until Jolly presents his plans to the DHA.

The meeting was adjourned.