Gordon Jackson, president, called the meeting to order and welcomed board members and visitors.

Kent Brook, who lives on Windhaven Ct., was the spokesperson for immediate neighbors to the new 4th-5th Academy who have some concerns that they would like DHA to help them with. The first concern is the red roof which they would like to see in an earth tone. They are concerned about the metal finish. Another issue is the fencing being used. Instead of chain link fencing, they would like a solid wood fence which would serve as a visual buffer as well as a noise buffer. They would like to see Leyland cypress used as a natural buffer. Their final concern is the traffic and how it impacts the residents. There has been some talk about a traffic light being installed there. He said that Perimeter College traffic takes precedent over residential traffic and they don’t feel that is right. Mr. Brook offered to become involved in the resolution of these issues. Gordon explained how DHA had a committee to work with DeKalb School System with the Peachtree Charter School process. It ended up being a good fit with the Dunwoody personality. DHA got word about the Academy at the groundbreaking when everything was a done deal. Gordon communicated with Pat Pope to try and plan a meeting with her. John Heneghan and Dennis Crean got plans and met on site with John Gebral of DeKalb’s Traffic and Transportation Dept. Some Clarksville classes were switched to the Dunwoody campus which added more students and traffic. There will be two deceleration lanes within 200 feet of one another. Members of the DHA Board have a meeting with Pat Pope on Dec. 16th. Gordon will contact the City Mayor and Council Members to please take a look at the neighborhood’s issues. Robin added that Mayor Wright asked the City Attorney to call Robin. Robin had a meeting with Jim Redovian, our School Board Representative.

A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes as written and the motion carried unanimously.

Due to the moratorium there were no issues for this meeting.


  • Light Up Dunwoody – Gordon thanked all of those who were involved. Gordon also gave a special thanks to Harry Butcher, who is not on the Board, for the many hours he devoted to this event. This was the largest LUD with an estimate of 2,000-4,000 in attendance. The merchants were gracious and cooperative. There was a tremendous response to the sponsorships, even better than the July 4th parade. The entertainment was great. DPT had a good turnout at the Farmhouse. Santa worked out well, too.
  • Code Enforcement – Gerri said that the August List of complaints was completed. There were two citations issued, one for a pressure washer trailer in the driveway where they had received numerous warnings. The other was issued for a pontoon boat that is back in a driveway after being warned. Gerri did not send in any more complaints of current issues due to the upcoming transition from DeKalb County Government to the City of Dunwoody Government. Gerri asked if the Board wanted her to continue to file list of complaints to the City of Dunwoody and the answer was a yes. Gerri asked for information on the house at the corner of Ashford Dunwoody Rd. and Valley View. Apparently there was a fire there and no one had any more information. Gerri also brought up the adopted island at Peeler Rd. and Winters Chapel which is not being maintained by the adopter. Gordon was going to see about getting that sign removed.


  • Report of the nominating Committee –Bill Robinson reported that the six executive Board Members serve three year terms on a rotating basis every year. Barbara Dodds and Gordon Jackson’s terms expire and they were asked to serve another three year term and agreed to do so. Bill said that three Board Members were given ex officio status and they are Ken Wright, Joe De Vita, and Tom Taylor. Four members were dropped from the Board and they are Jan Akers, Sherman Dudley, David Fowler, and John Snelling. Added to the Board are Alan Mothner, Bob Fiscella, Doug Thompson, and Randy Collins.
  • Tasheem Malik of Winter Rose subdivision asked that her subdivision receive a sign topper now that they are officially in Dunwoody. Barbara said there is one sign topper left which has already been assigned. The Board had voted not to order any more since they were so costly and requests for them had really dwindled. We have no installers. Gordon was going to look into it and see what we could do. They would also like to receive The Crier.

Gordon said that RBC bought out Peachtree Bank where we currently have our account. Iron Stone Bank wants HOAs to bank with them and is offering a money market at 3% and CDs at 3.44%. The Association would like to switch banks. A motion was made and seconded to switch banks and it carried unanimously. Gordon thanked Barbara for all of her work on this. The annual Meeting is at Dunwoody United Methodist Church on January 11th at 2:30 PM.

The meeting was adjourned.