Gordon Jackson, President, welcomed Board Members and visitors to the meeting.

Announcements – Gordon introduced the new Board Members that were present who are Larry Adams, Steve Barton, Kent Brooks, Greg Crnkovich, and Lisa Woody. Gordon is trying to make sure that our Board Members come from all over our city and are not concentrated from just a few areas so we have diversity of views.

Gordon also explained the boundaries for DHA including part of Sandy Springs. DHA received some comments on membership forms of problems in the members’ neighborhoods which he forwarded to the correct City Department.

Minutes - The November 2009 were approved unanimously.
Zoning and Development – Gordon is dealing with the cell tower issue.
Community Affairs

  • Adopt a Spot – Bill Robinson said they now have 12 spots that are adopted and three more in transition. He asked DHA Board Members to speak to businesses and subdivisions to see if they are interested in Adopting a Spot. Gordon explained that the adopting organization will adopt spots at major intersection to be maintained by the adoptee. Bill said the DHA is an active partner in this project. Those chosen need to submit their design to the City for approval.
  • Light Up Dunwoody – Gordon said it turned out better than expected. We had great groups. Gerri commented about the lack of business for the photo booth. There were two paying customers.
  • Code Enforcement – Gerri said she will be taking a ride with Tom LaPenna, City Code Enforcement Specialist, through the City looking at violations. Gerri also filled in the group on details of a bench trial for a home occupation. Dennis Crean asked about what to do about signs on the right of way. Gerri encouraged that these signs be reported and that we should not remove them on our own.
  • Odyssey of the Mind Team – Stacy Harris asked DHA to sponsor a middle school team. Gordon is going to check with the DHA’s insurance company to see if this will be a liability. The motion was made, “Subject to no liability or cost, that DHA should sponsor the team.” The motion was approved with two abstentions.

Messages and Updates from President

  • Office Space - Gordon said that Regency will build out our space and will show him color samples.
  • Membership – Charlene has processed 1,000 households so far. Dennis Crean asked if we can map them.
  • January Meeting – TBD and could possibly be the grand opening of our office.
  • Annual Meeting – The meeting will be held on Feb. 14th. He said that 2010 will be the 40th anniversary of DHA and Gordon will work with some Board Members for a special presentation.
  • Sign Ordinance – Bill Robinson said that the City asked the Sign Committee to review it again.

The meeting was adjourned.