Bill Grossman called the meeting to order at 7:33pm. Elected officials in attendance were Fran Millar, John Heneghan and Robert Wittenstein.

Danny Kanso and Kathleen Allen presented the Grow Dunwoody program. Grow Dunwoody is an effort to provide a cohesive organic garden and educational component to all Dunwoody cluster schools.

Bill Robinson gave the history of the Adopt-a-Spot program. The discussion was to how to jumpstart the program and DHA involvement. Fran suggested more coordination with the chamber of commerce.

Reviewed the look and information on a new DHA website.

Bill Grossman elaborated on Light Up Dunwoody. Crier estimated somewhere around 1,000 people. Event was rated a success and the size and scale worked well.

Gregory Adams announced his candidacy for CEO of DeKalb County. Bob Dallas and Robert Wittenstein spoke on behalf of their candidacies as well.

DHA voted to donate $2,000 to Grow Dunwoody. The donation provides them seed money for the entire project.