Pres. Bill Grossman welcomes Dunwoody Mayor Mike Davis, Councilor Terry Nall, State Senator Fran Millar, State and DeKalb County School System board member Nancy Jester. Late arrivals include State Representative Tom Taylor and former council member Danny Ross.

1. Approval of November minutes.

2. Presentation from Dunwoody High School Girls Lacrosse Team. Bill Alexander made the presentation; his daughter is on the team. The lacrosse team is seeking a contribution from the DHA to help fund its practice facility. It has a $1,000 expense that it didn’t foresee. (FYI - the JV team receives no funding from DeKalb County).

3. Presentation from Dunwoody Nature Center. Alan Mothner made the presentation. The DNC is seeking a contribution. Alan spoke of the capital improvements last year’s funding from the DHA contributed to. He would love a contribution equivalent to last year that would be used for operational expenses.

4. Presentation of Dunwoody Village Parkway redesign alternative. Bill Robinson, whose chairman of the Dunwoody Village Design Review Committee introduced Bill Grant, who made the presentation. The objective of the committee was to review the city’s proposal, and make it acceptable to the homeowners, in general. The review committee came up with a design that would save the median and the trees, while adding sidewalks and bike lanes. Grant cannot comment on the cost, but he did speak of savings. He said the city may have to purchase more right-of-way. At each end of the parkway, the turn lane replaces the bike lane.

5. Discussion of proposed City of Dunwoody School System. Councilman Nall said at this time of year, council will deliver its issues to the legislature through Sen. Millar and Rep. Taylor, which is why he has brought this to the forefront. Nancy Jester spoke of an amendment that is expected to be introduced to the legislature that would allow schools to withdraw from school systems. Taylor said the earliest this could possibly go on a ballot would be 2014. It will have major hurdles in the legislature.

6. Presentation on Sterling Point (11.5 acres off Ashford Dunwoody, across the street from California Pizza Kitchen) additions to the current office park: hotel and retail. New site plans require rezoning. Presentation by Den Webb representing Hotel Development Partners. Asking for changes to the plan that was approved four years ago. The changes would be for smaller hotel (Hampton Inn), curb cuts and about 9,000 feet more of retail. He believes the curb cuts will improve traffic. They are commissioning a traffic study. Bob Lundsten says the curb cuts will only add to traffic and will discourage pedestrian traffic. The requests are expected to go to city council in mid-March, 2013.

7. Friends of Brook Run coalition. Presentation by Kerry Cox Coghill, Dunwoody resident. The coalition supports the new multi-use path in Brook Run, but is asking that the path be moved to save trees.

Board Only Discussion

Bill Robinson announces that nominating committee will add Jim Redovian to the executive board (Bob Fiscella rolls off), and Joe Tuttle will remain on for another year.

Motion that DHA give the DNC the same financial support it did a year ago. ($2,500). Motion unanimously passes.

Motion that DHA give the Dunwoody High School girls lacrosse team $750. Motion passes.

Meeting adjourned at 9:21pm. Next board meeting: Sunday, January 6, 2013