President Stacey Harris opened the meeting by recognizing those elected officials attending: State Senator Fran Millar, State Representative Tom Taylor, City councilmen Doug Thompson, Terry Nall, and John Heneghan.

Board meeting minutes from November were approved as distributed.

President Harris announced an addition to the DHA board: Lisa Victory

Alan Mothner requested funding for the Dunwoody Nature Center. He told the board that the DNC 2014 budget is over 300K and only 60% of that comes from program fees.

Erika Harris talked to the Board about GLASS; Georgians for Local School System and why it was formed to support HR 486. Glass will act as a Dunwoody Yes type organization and lobby for passage of HR 486.

Currently Dunwoody has 6% of the students in DCSS and provides 17% of the DCSS budget.

President Harris talked to the board about formalizing donation criteria. She said the executive committee will develop a plan and bring it to the Feb. 2014 board meeting.

State Senator Fran Millar and State Representative Tom Taylor gave a Legislative update for the session to start in January 2014. Fran told us that Medicaid is 16% of the State budget, 2nd after Education. This year the 45 day legislative session will be crammed into a 60 day period.

President Harris discussed final thoughts on Light Up Dunwoody 2013. Event went well and only change suggested for 2014 is to increase signage on site crediting DHA for the event.

Bill Robinson and the nominating committee submitted their recommendations to be voted on at the Annual meeting in January: Stacey Harris to serve a second three year term on the executive committee and Robert Wittenstein to be added to the Executive committee for a three year term to replace Larry Adams, whose three year term expires.

In the board only session a vote passed to donate $500 to DNC.

Next meeting is the annual membership meeting on January 12, 2014