Announcements and introduction of distinguished visitors.
  1. Approval of minutes for November 2014: B. Robinson motioned to approve, G. Penn seconded.
  2. All Saints project– Andrew Halloran
    The church presented their master plan of raising the current sanctuary and replacing with newer larger one as well as a new classroom and administrative building and a parking deck.
    Seeking three variances: Total lot coverage increase, stream buffer encroachment for a new retention pond and variance for a second driveway that will serve as an entrance only aligned with Jett Ferry.
    Citizens had concerns with water run-off, location and disturbance caused by parking deck and some had not received notification.
  3. Dunwoody Village Parkway townhomes – Carl Westmoreland
    Developer Lonnie Moss outlined plans for 81 townhomes to replace the office buildings at 1350 Dunwoody Village Pkwy. Currently seeking variances for lot coverage and steam buffer. The board and residents expressed issues with the design, elevations and quality/price point as this will be the first residential development on the parkway.
  4. Providence Group – townhomes – 1745 Old Spring House Lane
    Developer Warren Jolly presented his project behind the Georgetown shopping center on Old Spring House Lane. He is proposing 40 units on 3.4 acres where two older office buildings have been raised. The project requires a zoning change to R100 and setback variances but overall the project received strong praise from board and residents.
  5. Spruill Center zoning changes – Stacey Harris
    Stacey provided an update from Council meeting on revised Spruill Center design, necessitated by topographical challenges.
  6. Membership Drive – Stacey Harris
    Pacing behind last year but January tends to be a strong month. Urged board members to issue DHA membership email to their respective neighborhood associations.

Votes as needed on any motions during Board only session

Board voted to reject the Dunwoody Village Parkway townhome development as presented. Unanimous with 3 abstentions.