Announcements and introductions of distinguished visitors

Adrienne welcomed Councilman Tom Lambert, Councilwoman Elect Stacey Harris, State Rep. Mike Wilensky, and former State Rep. Tom Taylor.

Light up Dunwoody had about 2,500-3,000 people and went well.  Adrienne thanked Nina Arnold and Siobhan Finnegan for a signature event.  Siobhan got sponsors and Nina worked with the Convention and Visitors Bureau.  It was a joyful event.

New Board Member – Despina Lamas

Educate Dunwoody Update – Despina said the Peachtree Middle School is ready to vote on being a fully autonomous Charter School.  A vote on the Go Bond has been paused to possibly May.

Sponsorship Request Vanderlyn ES – Amanda Dossey is working on the Vanderdash and is asking us to continue being a $1,000.00 Sponsor.

Housekeeping – Adrienne is going to work on the 2020 Calendar and Budget for the January Meeting.  The annual Meeting is on January 26 at Dunwoody United Methodist Church.

Legislative Update from State Rep Mike Wilensky – 

*He is on the Judiciary Committee and works on measures in relationship to law. He is also on the Budget and Intergovernmental Committees.

* The main bills that got attention were   HB 324, the THC Bill that took five years to pass, HB 481 the Abortion Bill, HB 2 the Monument Bill and HB 316 the Voting Machine Bill.

* In next session for 2020 in January according to the Constitution they must pass a Budget.  The Governor wants to cut the budget and lower taxes. February has Crossover Day and they are very busy in March. 

*Six of the bills that he sponsored passed and his bill passed.  His Bill that passed was to give businesses the right to appeal to the tax accessor. Some taxes quadrupled and businesses could not appeal it. It can’t be retroactive.  Other bills were the Bullying Hotline required for all schools, the Pandering Bill, a Business court, Retaliation Landlord Bill.  The Hot dog Bill did not pass.

*Educate Dunwoody started talking with him months ago.  He met with Rep Viola Davis to try and get the word out that this a county wide problem.  He went to the Legislative Counsel to see what he can do in relation to DeKalb County School System.and was told it is not the job of the Georgia Legislature. He asked the DeKalb Delegation to look at this county wide problem. DeKalb County School System should be accountable for their money.

*He filed a Bill to deal with the overprescribing of narcotics.

*Upcoming - The Governors Medicaid expansion that would cover more people for less money.

Board Only Discussion – we had a quorum

*Vanderlyn Fund Request – Su Ellis moved to approve and Amy seconded a motion to approve a $1,000.00 Sponsorship for Vanderdash.  The motion passed unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,

Gerri Penn, Recording Secretary