Zoning Issue Presentations
Ø Mr. Warren Jolly presented: 7.75 acres zoned O&I Unconditional, Executive Park behind Peachtree Middle School. Gables owned the land and backed out of apartments they had planned to build on site. Warren is building 5, 5 story condos, front side is 4 stories, 1 story back hidden parking deck, all brick, 15%- 1 bedroom, 10%- 1bedroom flats, 60%- 2 bedroom, 15%- 3 bedroom. 240 units total. Prices will be $170,000- $299,000. No zoning changes or variances restrict Warren’s planned development.

Ø Jeff Fuqua & Victor Ellis: attorney, presented final plans for Sembler- Perimeter Place Project including over 5 pages of conditions set by the DHA & PCID. The DHA voted to support with conditions agreed upon.

Ø Bob Voyles with Hines presented initial plans for Ravinia Parcel 4, that would develop property to 3-4 high end restaurants (48,000 square feet) as opposed to dense, 300,000 square feet of office as currently zoned.

Ø G. Harvey presented plans for 11 houses on 11.4 acres off of Spalding drive in Fulton County. Proposed houses located on 5 acres, leaving the rest as green space. The DHA & neighbors have agreed to a deferral from the 2-17 Fulton meeting to continue negotiations with the builder.

Ø Ken Wright announced the discovery of plans for an outside type car wash at the abandoned BP leased lot on the corner of Mt Vernon & Chamblee Dunwoody Road. The Dunwoody Preservation Trust is strongly against this use of the property. The DHA board voted to oppose & not support the proposed business.

Ø Attorney Carle Westmoreland discussed a parcel on the North End of Ashford Dunwoody between 2 O&I parcels. A storage facility was discussed. Carle & builder had examples of Williamsburg designs and agreed if approved by DeKalb County they would adhere to the Overlay district laws & designs. Hours of operation would be limited. The DHA board voted to continue discussions and request elevations, and detailed drawings of building.

Ø Saint Lukes representatives presented expansion plans. Neighbor concern was expressed and discussions between the 2 parties are to continue. Don Boyken of the DHA is representing the church and not the DHA on this matter. Bill Grossman of the DHA is acting as the DHA representative between the 2 parties.

Ø Saint Baranabas representatives presented plans for an expansion and discussed temporary use of trailers for Sunday school and buffers/ landscaping for local residents.

Community Notes and Presentations

Ø The DHA heard presentations from DeKalb County District Attorney candidate - Keith Adams, Probate Judge candidate- Curtis Miller & Tax Commissioner- Harold Roberts

Ø Gordon Jackson discussed Mt Vernon/Ashford Dunwoody Rd. intersection proposed sidewalks, intersection changes. Gordon is the DHA liaison for these proposed changes and will keep the DHA informed of any discussions & developments.

Ø Great American clean up day is Saturday, March 27, 2004, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

For more information, contact Nancy Quan Sellers, board member of Keep DeKalb Beautiful:


President Update
Ø Ken Wright & DHA board members have negotiated with Darden to come to an agreement on the new Olive Garden Signage and design for Ashford Dunwoody Road.

Ø Ken Wright discussed the Annual meeting and announced a web site where residents can sign up and be notified of sex offenders in the area: www.scandekalb.com-

Ø Ken Wright thanked Martin Cook of Eurowerks for the continued clean up of Dunwoody Village Parkway he has funded.

Ø Ken & the board welcomed new directors Brian Smith & John Snelling and announced Ken Wright was voted in as President, Margot Cole as secretary, Brian Smith as Secretary, and Sherman Dudley as Vice president.

Ø The DHA board, residents, and neighbors from Stone Mountain and Tucker discussed the DeKalb Budget/host vote. The board voted to issue a resolution condemning the Commissioners actions on this matter and to continue to investigate the issue.

Perimeter CID District – No Update

Overlay District – Bill Phillips –

Ø Ken Wright reported proposed Overlay changes. Commissioner Boyer asked for a separate meeting to discuss in detail.

Brook Run – Nick Nicodemous

Ø No report

Communications – Bill Robinson
Ø No Report

Membership – Sherman Dudley
Ø Membership campaign is underway.

PDK Report – David Fowler
Ø David reported new updates are forthcoming.

Meeting adjourned at 10:45 pm