President Bill Grossman welcomed Board Members and visitors.

  • Terry Nall, representing Vernon North, let the board know that, on a technicality, the subdivision won its lawsuit against the Goddard School. Terry thanked the DHA for contributing $2,500 towards its $19,000 legal representation.
  • Bob Lundsten updated the board on DeKalb County’s Board of Commissioners plan to revise CEO Burrell Ellis’s budget and proposed tax hike.
  • Nancy Jester, DeKalb School System board member, updated the board on DCSS’s redistricting plan. Nancy had some issues with the lines proposed by Superintendent Ramona Tyson. Nancy also said that the old Chamblee Middle School (on Shallowford Rd) will be addressed this year. DCSS views the building as a teardown. The board had numerous questions for Nancy.

A handout was distributed showing the results of the DHA’s first online survey to its membership. The survey dealt with Chick-fil-A’s proposal for a restaurant at the site of the old Blockbuster at Mt. Vernon Rd. and Dunwoody Club Dr. The survey showed that better than 96 percent of DHA membership liked the idea of the DHA using online surveys with its membership.

Bob Lundsten then passed out a handout on why he opposes Chick-fil-A’s plans for that site. Bob proceeded to read his handout. A lively discussion ensued. Bill said the city and Chick-fil-A are still in discussions.

Geri Penn updated the board on code enforcement. CE did a 3 day sweep of North Chase Apts. and the report should be between 400-500 pages. They will have 6 months to comply.

The 3rd part inspections for the interior of apartments are going well and must be completed by 4/15/11 in order to get their business license. Since January 1, there have been 3 court cases with 8 more by 3/15/11. Citations are averaging about 1 a week after receiving 3 warnings. A first violation fine is usually $333.00. The largest fine last year was $5,000.00, 30 hours of community service and probation. The offense involved cutting down 22 trees for an infill building project.

Minutes were approved from the annual meeting, January 9th.

The Executive Committee met after the meeting and unanimously voted Stacey Harris as the Secretary.