Announcements and introduction of distinguished visitors


  1. Introduction of new board members: Bob Barnwell and Jim Maloney
  2. Dunwoody Village Parkway townhomes – Cypress Communities, Carl Westmoreland
    1. Cypress returned with nine concessions from working with adjacent homeowners and 10 overall conditions to adhere to overlay district requirements.
    2. Most notably, the project will now face the Parkway, consist of brick and stone facades with no more than two buildings having alike facades, and the rear stream encroachment has been reduced from 1.7 acres to .4 acres to allow a greater buffer. Only eight units can be occupied by renters at a given time.
  3. Closing the office: Work day: Saturday, February 21—Robert Wittenstein
    The lease on the Village office has expired and the Executive board has elected not to renew due to excessive costs relative to use. Contents will be sold or stored.
  4. October Chili Cook- off—Bill Grossman. Board was supportive and tentative dates of October 10-11 were set for 2015.
  5. Austin Elementary— Dunwoody Dash Sponsorship request—Kelley Patilla

Board only session: Votes as needed on any motions including:



  • Support for DVP townhome proposal: Board voted 12-3 to support the project before City Boards providing all conditions have been met and there were no Conflicts of Occupancy.
  • 2015 Budget approval: Board voted unanimously to approve.
  • Dunwoody Dash Sponsorship request: Board unanimously approved $300 toward a sponsorship.