Introductions and announcements

Robert welcomed Council Members Terry Nall and John Heneghan.  He announced that the Annual Meeting is on January 28, 2018 at St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church Chapel tentatively at 3:00 P.M.  The time depends on when the speaker can come.

Approval of December 3, 2017 Minutes – Su Ellis moved to approve and seconded by Tina Wilkinson.  The minutes were approved unanimously.

Delido Apartments – David Kirk   They are asking for a rezoning from RM100 to RM75 designation. Currently, they have 12 buildings with 2, 3, and 4 bedroom units. They want to reconfigure the 4 bedroom units to two bedroom units and one bedroom units.  Sue Meade, Property Manager, said they are increasing green space by 4,000 square feet.  They can’t change the parking spaces without the rezoning.  They want to change the parking for cosmetic enhancement. The buildings will stay the same on the exterior.The number of units is increasing but the population will be decreased by 90+.  This will reduce the number of cars and the number of kids in schools.  All unit interiors will be updated and they are going from 102 units to 122 units.

Dunwoody Homeowners Association Budget – The budget for 2018 was presented.

Board Only for Voting – Su Ellis voted to approve the budget with a second from Bob Barnwell.  The budget was passed unanimously.


Respectfully submitted by,

Gerri Penn Executive Board Member at Large