Announcements and Introductions

  • Adrienne announced that originally this was supposed to be a Board Only Special Called meeting but Branch Properties asked to present their plans for the proposed Restaurant Park Redevelopment so Adrienne added the Public portion.  She also announced that the February meeting date has been changed from February 3 to February 10th.
  • Councilmen Terry Nall, John Heneghan and Tom Lambert were in attendance.
  • Laurel David for Galloway Law Group and Branch Properties presentation of proposed Restaurant Park Redevelopment – Laurel stated that they would fill in the pond and there would be a gas station with a convenience store, 25,000 sq.ft. grocery store, bank and other retail on the property.  They are reserving an area of the property for a hotel in the future.  The trees on Meadow Lane and Ashwood Parkway would remain. There will be 84% impervious coverage.  They are creating a new private road for public use that will be 55’ wide.  The sidewalk on Meadow Lane will be converted to a bike lane.  On the Ashford Dunwoody side, there will be a commuter trail that is 20’ wide as advised by the City staff.   Bill Grossman said the commuter trail is funded by the special hotel/motel tax.  There will be a public plaza on the corner.  They are donating a half acre to the City.  They are asking for a variance for a front yard setback from 50’ to 0’.  The streetscape will be maintained by the City. They will have surface parking.  A parking deck was not financially feasible.  Kerry suggested pervious paving for the parking and they will consider it.  There will be a ground based monument and they meet the sign codes for the PC2 overlay.   The back of the retail will be facing Ashford Dunwoody but will look very nice architecturally.  Robert commented that they need to put in green space as they are going from an open green space to pave over.  They said the hotel will be a 130-140 room hotel and won’t need a parking deck.

BOARD ONLY DISCUSSION AND VOTE – we had a quorum of 16 Board Members

  • Vanderlyn ES funding request – Adrienne said they asked for funding for their Fun Run and requested a DHA sponsorship.  The sponsorship will come out of our 2018 budget.  Bob B. motioned to approve a $1,000.00 sponsorship which was seconded by Amy.  It was approved unanimously.
  • Austin ES funding request (from November 2018) – Amy motioned to approve $1,000.00 donation which was seconded by Tina.  The motion was passed unanimously.
  • Roberts Drive RRR Rezoning Request (from October; ( see email for documentation)Please note that Board Member Stacey Harris was not in attendance as she recused herself.  There was no one from a City Board in attendance.  Bob B.  moved to oppose the Rezoning Request as presented by the developer with a second from Tina.  A discussion followed prior to a Board vote. Tim feels this is the type of residential development you will see in Dunwoody in the future.  Robert said he could support it if it was R75 and not specified as senior residential.  The other issue is that the drainage easement is owned by the Fairfield Community.  Adrienne is asking for a proof of ownership of the easement and will be sending out emails to both the Fairfield residents and developer. It is going to the Planning Commission January 8th. The motion was passed with 15 ayes and one nay.
  • We then had a discussion on whether to support the Branch Properties request for the proposed Restaurant Park Redevelopment.  Bob B. motioned to oppose the request as presented with a second from Amy.  The motion passed with 14 ayes and two nays.

Respectfully submitted by,

Gerri Penn, DHA Recording Secretary


Restaurant park presentation.

Posted by Dunwoody Homeowners Association on Sunday, January 6, 2019