1. Approval of Minutes from June 4, 2006.

a. Upon motion, and second, the minutes were approve unanimously as presented.

2. Zoning and Development:

a. Den Webb of Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP provided a follow-up presentation on plans for a McDonald’s restaurant constructed at the former Wachovia site at the intersection of Ashford-Dunwoody Rd. and Perimeter Center West. The presentation was requested by the DHA board during their May 2006 meeting. Mr. Webb stated his client will provide colonial red awnings and externally lit signs of wood or wood-like material. Mr. Webb’s client agrees to the DHA’s request not to have an outdoor playground on the property, but wishes to retain the right at some point in the future to construct one internally should the need arise. There are no plans at this time for a playground on the site. On motion (Nicodemus), second (Robinson), and approval, the board voted to support the project with changes described above.

b. Laura Hester of Foltz Martin, LLC provided a brief overview of her client’s (Richard Kessler/ Kessler Collection) plans to construct a premier 18-20 story hotel with two out-parcel restaurants on the 2.56 acre triangle formed by the intersections of Mt. Vernon Rd., Peachtree-Dunwoody Rd., and Abernathy Rd. Her client is seeking zoning change from O&I to C1 and will need variances to eliminate set-backs and reduce required parking, which will be by valet only. The project is estimated to be 280,000 sq. ft. Discussion centered around concerns related to the project’s high density, resulting traffic impact, and precedent setting for high density so close to single family homes. On a motion (Robinson), second (Nicodemus), and approval, the board voted to support the project only if the density was reduced to 70,000 sq. ft. per acre.

c. Fulton Update. Representative Dave Greenspan provided the report. Highlights include the announcement that the Sandy Springs police department is up and running with 35 cars on patrol, a new 2:00 A.M. bar closing law is in effect, a balanced budget providing a surplus was passed, and the sign toppers’ issue is almost ready for vote. The public can voice support or opposition to rezoning of property (“The Swamp”) on Dunwoody Club Drive at the August 8, 2006 Council Meeting.

d. Ben Bellamy of New Urban Solutions and Gillian Horsley of Imagine Schools provided a brief overview of their plans to construct a start-up charter school at a site near the intersection of Hammond Drive and the newly designed fly-over bridge. They report the environmental/science school project is in very early stages and will need approval from the DeKalb Board of Education, Georgia Department of Education, and perhaps others to determine viability. The DHA board welcomed them back for a future presentation as the project progresses. Additionally the DHA asked Mr. Bellamy to stay in touch with other construction projects his firm has under consideration in the area -- Mr. Bellamy mentioned interest in constructing two 35-story owner-occupied residential towers similar to the Manhattan project nearby.

e. Don Boyken and Bill Grossman presented a sign approval request from Alice Cleaners. General DHA board consensus approved the sign as presented.

3. Dennis Crean reported on sidewalk improvements and needs in the community. Substantial progress has been made in the last two years. The County has two priority projects for Dunwoody on the list: 1) In late 2006, a sidewalk on Chamblee-Dunwoody Rd. from Chateau Woods to the Georgetown shopping center and 2) in 2007, a sidewalk on Dunwoody Club Dr. from the Woodlands to Ball Mill Rd. The board supported Dennis in his desire to form a committee for infrastructure long term planning and prioritization which will include consideration of improving bicycle travel safety for residents.

4. Community Pride. The Brand Dunwoody effort continues. Dick Williams pledges Crier support to help the initiative.

5. Code Infractions. No report.

6. Community Affairs. Bill Robinson reports that Jan Akers and Pam Tallmadge are doing a great job managing the 4th of July Parade. The parade is destined to be the biggest yet with 156 enterants to-date and a number more expected in the next 48 hours. The quality of the parade as an entertaining family event is improved. Sponsorships are successful. Celeste Webb reports that Light Up Dunwoody event planning is underway and she will be meeting with a volunteer who has interest in managing the project in future years.

7. Nick Nicodemus reports that Brook Run Park is being enjoyed by many residents. Demolition and removal of the old store on the site is complete. Future development plans remain on track. Dennis Crean suggests the DHA form a Park Committee to advocate for current and long-term improvements to Dunwoody’s public parks.

8. Messages and Updates. Chip Franzoni reports that Equity Offices pulled their variance request for the third sign at South Terraces. Bob Lundsten reports he is making progress on developing a list for the 2007 membership drive. Al Tiede volunteered to be the DHA newsletter editor should the DHA wish to continue this effort.

9. Board Discussion and Votes.

a. Results of board votes are incorporated in the minutes above.

10. Upon motion (Dodds), second (Webb), and approval, the meeting was adjourned.